The Garden Tomb


  1. Question: Does the video on the garden tomb and the place of the crucifixion agree with Ron Wyatt’s work on the discovery of the Ark that placed the cross in a hole directly above the Ark hidden in the cave below it?

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. What video are you thinking of? But if I do, yes, there is only one crucifixion site in the Garden Tomb and it’s where Ron Wyatt worked.

  2. In the video with Richard reevs, he says that he did not find the crosshole with the creck in it. The video is on YouTube. Is it so? He says that he drild hols down in the grownd to ser serch fore the camber but no cave was found.

    • Hi,
      the cross-hole was found on the last days of excavation when Richard Rives was not there. Richard had been confused by an old video with Ron and focused on a place inside the circular structure. Ron never said the cross hole was there but for some reason, Richard, not finding another place fitting at the time, decided that it had to have been there but that it was now gone for some reason. Mary Nell (Ron’s wife) testified that when she had been at that spot Richard pointed out, Ron had said the cross-hole was nearby, meaning not that exact place. The place Richard focused on was actually the top part of a quarry stairway up to the platform where Christ was crucified. Jesus was not crucified in the stairway they used to access the platform. You can see a 3D illustration of it here: . The top step had a crack in it and was seen on Ron’s video when Ron was looking for things to sample, which added to the confusion. So it is understandable the mistake was made.
      However, the last few days of excavation, with a smaller group and with Ron’s wife Mary Nell present, an area that matched Ron’s description was dug up and there they found a hole the exact depth and width Ron had said the cross hole was. It was also exactly the distance from the cliff wall Ron had said. It had a crack by it. Scans have also been done linking a crack with the hole to the chamber underneath having the depth Ron reported. And so the crack and the chamber have shown on scans. This is not the spot Richard was drilling as he was drilling inside the circular structure (again look at the Instagram illustration).
      The government stopped the excavation after they finally found the right hole. For this reason, Richard did not get to personally inspect the hole and excavate it and decided to believe and make a video fronting the place that had no hole that he had been part of excavating. This has caused a lot of confusion and division among the workers and still does to this day. Ron Wyatt’s son who was there when the cross hole was dug up the first time tried to explain to Richard that he had presented the wrong place in the movie. However, Richard for some reason has still not made a follow-up video clarifying the mistake or does not seem to want to. I can not say the motives of Richard but I know a lot of people lost faith after his video thinking Rons story could not be proven when it could. I can not tell you why as I do not know his heart. So I am now speaking in general of my experience up through the years with others in the work. Some people can not handle not being in the front of the discoveries. No one should take it personally when God chooses someone else to find something. We can not demand God does things our way or to be the chosen leader. Several times Jesus took three of his disciples to see special things while the other disciples had to wait by the foot of the mountain or outside. This does not mean he rejected the others or loved them less. Neither should the other disciples disbelieve the three that did see just because they were not there themselves. We need to accept God does things His way and be humble and happy by any position God is willing to give us and execute this with gratitude. However many can not do that. I have seen people almost revenging themselves on God if they think he favors someone else before them. And Ron saw it a lot in his days. People refusing evidence if they were not the ones to find it and in that way causing harm to Ron’s work.
      I am still hoping a video with all the evidence will come out however I do not own the rights to the video/scans/pictures and so I can not do it. Those who do have rights to them have planned something so there might be a video in the near future clarifying things (I hope). I have had the opportunity to go thoroughly over it though and have the advantage of having Ron tell me personally where the cross hole was situated when I was in the Garden Tomb with him. It was covered up at the time but he stood straight over it and marked the spot. As far as my memory can be trusted, the last discovery matches what Ron said. Because there exists a scan showing the entire crack down to the chamber it is actually possible to know for sure that it is really there.

  3. Thank you so much for answering. This helps a lott. This is very exiting. Do you Know the results of trying to drill down to the cave?why do they do it? Has Ron ever told how the angels look like? How did you know Ron? Its so exaiting to see evidence from the bible, and share it to the family and not beliving friends. Thank you for doing a fantastic job sharing all this. Norway greets.

    • The drill broke in the attempt. Another attempt has been done by the tunnel entrance and the drill broke there too. (They were new high-quality drills). I first met Ron in 94 and traveled with him several times in the Middle East up until months before he died. He helped lead me to Christ. Regarding the angels, he said they looked just like us (no wings or anything like that) and if he had seen them outside walking down the street he would have thought they were just ordinary people.

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