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  1. Hi, I was just wondering about the way they brought Jesus after the trial at Pilatus’ place. There is the ‘official’ version with via Dolorosa and all that, but… Do you maybe have an idea about this?

  2. Hello, I read somewhere that the ark of the covenant probably got destroyed by the the babylon army when they invaded Jerusalem? Could that have happen? How do you know that the ark Ron Wyatt found is not a replica?

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  4. Hello, in your amazing video “The King’s Seal” you talk about God’s Times vs Roman Times, and that most people have abolished keeping God’s feast days as they obverse the Roman times instead (Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day etc). As a Christian, should I be observing God’s feast days only? Could you please expand on where I can find out these dates and their significance?
    Thank you and God bless

    • Thank you for writing and liking the video! As I’m sure you know God treats the weekly Sabbath and the feast days differently in the Bible. May I recommend this article to understand the difference better: I think this answer your question and show their rightful meaning.
      Remember the Sabbath is in the ten commandment law and was universal for all mankind the others were tied to God’s people’s special relationship with God.

      God bless you in your studies and in whatever you decide to do! And let me know if I can be of any help.

  5. David Lenhart

    Would you publish on your site the Original Ten Commandments as a PDF document that could be copied perfectly. I am interested in having a copy that I know has been unchanged. Thank you.

  6. Why did no one else gone to that site and further excavated?

    • They did. There have been several excavations there lead by the Israeli Antiquities Authorities. There are official reports from these excavations confirming Ron’s excavation and what they have done after him. There are both videos and photos online of more recent excavations. These excavations proved Ron’s story, they re-found the rope-hole, the cistern, the circular roman building, the alter-stone, where Ron entered the cave system, the cross-hole with the crack – everything was as Ron had said proving him to have been truthful about his excavation. You can read some of the conflicts around it in my article called ‘Exposing the Garden Tomb” under the category “Articles”.
      Ron excavated by digging tunnels but the newer opened up the entire area (on my youtube video Danny and Ronny back in Israel, you can see them standing by the open excavation area). I believe a video is in the making showing all the evidence from these excavations.

  7. Becca Bee

    Hi… I am wondering if your organization is tied to the Seventh Day Adventists? And also, I am curious to find out if you might know if Ron Wyatt was a Seventh Day Adventist? Thank you for all that you have created and are sharing…we are feeling So Very Blessed to have access to all of what you are teaching through this website! God bless you Abundantly for helping us to learn what we have long been needing to learn… through your diligent efforts!

    • Dear Becca
      Thank you for writing. Ark Files is not tied to any religious organization. It’s a private independently run website. My only desire is to help people get closer to Christ and help prepare people for future events. I do not advise people on what church to go to. Ron Wyatt was a Seventh Day Adventist, including his father, siblings, and children. He did, however, suffer some heartache and rejection from the church, yet he remained an Adventist till his death. He is also of Jewish heritage.
      My background tied to these things was traveling with Ron over the last years of his life, witnessing him working in the Middle East and learning about the man and his discoveries first hand. He prayed for me to help share these things with the world which I have done ever since.

  8. Hi , I do now get the importance of remembering the sabbath and not Sunday. Can you please advise me to a local church here in California zip 95391 can I join a seventh day Adventist Church or just pray wherever you are And have a personal relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ.

    • It’s hard to advise anyone on where to go. So many churches are fallen away and discourage those that come from being wholehearted in their walk with God. We are in an intense time in world history. I can only suggest you put the matter before the Lord in prayer and let Him guide you. When it comes to Sabbath-keeping I know some people have found good churches, others sit alone or have house churches. I don’t know anyone in California so what you are asking only God can tell you. Trust Him to guide you. If all you want to do is follow His will, I’m am very sure He will answer you.

  9. Good afternoon, Very interesting video and I am glad to find it. I am also glad to see that your site isn’t a part of a denomination. I am a born again and lover of the Word of GOD. My question is why don’t you show the video the angels told Mr. Wyatt to take? Also, who else was there with him? Finally, is there a reason why this is not on the news.

    • In the video “The Ark and the Blood” we share the information that God has chosen one specific time to show these things to the world. Like God has done in the past, like parting the Red Sea, plagues over Egypt, making the day last 24 hours during the time of Joshua, turning the time 15 minutes back like in the time of King Hezekiah… God is planning something big. And if the video just surfaced now God won’t be able to do things in such a big way as He has planned. However before God does something He always lets people know in advance: “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amo.3:7). We often see this pattern in the Bible that God reveals an event ahead of time to give people a chance to prepare and consider it. Right now, when we share these things before they are shown, people’s true intentions reveal themselves. When God does a manifestation there will always be people choosing His side “out of fear” but are unconverted in their hearts. God knows this about us, and to test our hearts He first reveals things in a way, leaving us the opportunity to doubt. Do we choose doubt over faith we show our true intentions. Yet God will show this in time anyway to make sure everyone understands and get the chance to decide before it’s too late.
      The video will not come out until God’s chosen time by people God chooses. I’m sure the video is not all God will do, but some events accompanying it.
      When Ron excavated he always had a team with him to help him. He excavated over many years. There are many photos of this.
      Lastly the reason that it’s not in the news is that the final evidence is yet to be presented. There is evidence of his excavations, his truthfulness in everything he discovered during the excavation leading to the cave, but not showing the Ark of the Covenant has caused news agency to wait. So we are just letting people know what is going to happen soon, not showing it ourselves. I’m sure when that time comes the news will cover the event.

  10. Robert G Young

    How can I purchase the video of “the Ark and the Blood….Discovering the Ark of the Covenant ?

    • Hi Robert. I am sorry, we do not make DVDs. But you are welcome to download our video and have a DVD made for your own use or to share with others. Perhaps there is someone around where you live who could help you if you do not know how to do it. I could make a DVD cover for download if there is an interest in that.

  11. Tomas Jantac

    Hello, I would like to ask to share video about Ark of the Covenant which contains foto and video of Ron Wyatt on my Youtube channel . Thanks a lot

  12. John Clayton Frye

    Can you please email me a high res pic of Christ on the Cross with the blood going down on the mercy seat? I am wanting to put up a bill board of the event on a local interstate. I already have one up of Noah’s Ark and will be replacing it with the graphic mid December.

    Thank you and God Bless

    • how big do you need it to be? resolution etc?

      • John Clayton Frye

        Sorry for just getting back with you, I have put the billboard up, it is still there on the side of interstate 220 in Louisiana USA. It went up December 1 ….Glory to God.

        Thanks for you guys quick reply on this board, I just never came back to check it. Kevin at Ark Discoveries emailed me a few Pics but my Graphic designer ended up using one that matched the design he already had a little better. Kevin has a pic of it over on his site.

        Thanks guys for all you do.

        I have a really amazing timeline using scripture only out of the KJV that shows 586/7 BC (destruction of the first temple) is 3387 years after Adam showing the 6000 years is 2027/8. I would love to share it with you guys or whom ever is interested in it, just email me at

        God Bless

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