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  1. Hi, I was just wondering about the way they brought Jesus after the trial at Pilatus’ place. There is the ‘official’ version with via Dolorosa and all that, but… Do you maybe have an idea about this?

  2. Hello, I read somewhere that the ark of the covenant probably got destroyed by the the babylon army when they invaded Jerusalem? Could that have happen? How do you know that the ark Ron Wyatt found is not a replica?

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  4. Hello, in your amazing video “The King’s Seal” you talk about God’s Times vs Roman Times, and that most people have abolished keeping God’s feast days as they obverse the Roman times instead (Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day etc). As a Christian, should I be observing God’s feast days only? Could you please expand on where I can find out these dates and their significance?
    Thank you and God bless

    • Thank you for writing and liking the video! As I’m sure you know God treats the weekly Sabbath and the feast days differently in the Bible. May I recommend this article to understand the difference better: I think this answer your question and show their rightful meaning.
      Remember the Sabbath is in the ten commandment law and was universal for all mankind the others were tied to God’s people’s special relationship with God.

      God bless you in your studies and in whatever you decide to do! And let me know if I can be of any help.

  5. David Lenhart

    Would you publish on your site the Original Ten Commandments as a PDF document that could be copied perfectly. I am interested in having a copy that I know has been unchanged. Thank you.

  6. Why did no one else gone to that site and further excavated?

    • They did. There have been several excavations there lead by the Israeli Antiquities Authorities. There are official reports from these excavations confirming Ron’s excavation and what they have done after him. There are both videos and photos online of more recent excavations. These excavations proved Ron’s story, they re-found the rope-hole, the cistern, the circular roman building, the alter-stone, where Ron entered the cave system, the cross-hole with the crack – everything was as Ron had said proving him to have been truthful about his excavation. You can read some of the conflicts around it in my article called ‘Exposing the Garden Tomb” under the category “Articles”.
      Ron excavated by digging tunnels but the newer opened up the entire area (on my youtube video Danny and Ronny back in Israel, you can see them standing by the open excavation area). I believe a video is in the making showing all the evidence from these excavations.

  7. Becca Bee

    Hi… I am wondering if your organization is tied to the Seventh Day Adventists? And also, I am curious to find out if you might know if Ron Wyatt was a Seventh Day Adventist? Thank you for all that you have created and are sharing…we are feeling So Very Blessed to have access to all of what you are teaching through this website! God bless you Abundantly for helping us to learn what we have long been needing to learn… through your diligent efforts!

    • Dear Becca
      Thank you for writing. Ark Files is not tied to any religious organization. It’s a private independently run website. My only desire is to help people get closer to Christ and help prepare people for future events. I do not advise people on what church to go to. Ron Wyatt was a Seventh Day Adventist, including his father, siblings, and children. He did, however, suffer some heartache and rejection from the church, yet he remained an Adventist till his death. He is also of Jewish heritage.
      My background tied to these things was traveling with Ron over the last years of his life, witnessing him working in the Middle East and learning about the man and his discoveries first hand. He prayed for me to help share these things with the world which I have done ever since.

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