The Ark Of The Covenant, past present and future!

This book will explore many questions about the Ark’s past, present and future, and take a deeper look into the places in the Bible where the Ark is mentioned.
What is it?  What was it used for? When did it disappear? Was it destroyed? What was the purpose of it and most important of all, what role will it play in the final scenes of this Earth’s history?
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The Battle Between the Ark of The Covenant and The Mark of the Beast

This book is in five parts:
Part 1: The ark in bible history.
Part 2: Discovery of the Ark. A look into how the discovery was made.
Part 3: The deliverer. Yeshua/Jesus claimed to be the Messiah and God’s son, was it true?
Part 4: The significance. How to understand the discovery.
Part 5: The time after Jerusalem’s destruction and the development of Christianity. What happened to the movement along the way and was it all told of beforehand?
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Other languages:
Scandinavian: Konfrontasjon PDF


From Sinai to Golgotha

In the introduction of this booklet you’ll find a chapter called ‘The Ark was never lost, we were.’
This chapter examines if it is a biblical possibility that the Ark ended up anywhere else than Golgotha.
This chapter inspired the whole booklet, and also the gathering of image material from some of the places the Ark visited between Mount Sinai and Golgotha.
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This book deals with the topic of Sunday laws, why it’s related to end-time events as well as Biblical history. It takes us back to the religion of Babel which has continued as a competition to the God of the Bible to this very day.
It’s worth noting that this book was written by someone who has English as a secondary language, but the important topic and meaning should be perfectly understandable.