Christ vs Satan

Why there is a conflict and how it effects us is important to learn.

To understand everything that is going on, we need to understand the cosmic battle the Bible tells us we are in the middle of, and we need to understand the idea behind Christ’s cross. Most people in the world have heard the term “the devil” or God vs. Satan. This universal controversy is constantly ridiculed in music, media, and books. But it is also misrepresented by various religions. It is important to understand these things correctly. Why is there are struggle between good and evil that humans are in the middle of?

The Bible talks about a conflict that arose in heaven. A one supreme God, which is the highest authority in the universe. He created EVERYTHING that we know, He is the FATHER of everything and everyone, and thus, as the origin of life but also the preserver of all life, the only one who can sustain life, He is naturally the supreme leader and judge of everything. He is the one life can not live without and by that fact He has the greatest value and naturally the greatest authority.

The cosmic conflict talks about a favored and well-positioned cherub, which is a special, most privileged office to hold in heaven, a protector standing close to God’s throne. The name of this guarding cherub was Lucifer. He was assigned to guard God’s throne, the throne of life, but started a rebellion against Him instead. Understand that God is just not any leader like we know them here on earth, He is the origin of all life. Not just the origin of life but He is also the one who sustains and protects life, the guardian of life, as it cannot continue without His interventions. If He ceased to exist, if it was even possible, everything would cease to exist with him. This is why no one can take his place, as all life depends on him. An attack on God is an attack on everyone. It was because of this that Lucifer’s rebellion was so shocking. He attacked what he was created to protect and turned against his creator and life-giver.

It is a bit like if an unborn fetus, just a few weeks old, rebelled against the mother whose womb he was still in, and tried to cut the cord. He would not develop or be born. He would die, but the mother would live.

The reason as to why Lucifer felt confident in his first rebellion was that he knew that God was merciful and that He would not silence the conversation. No one was silenced at that point. Everyone could speak freely. Although God absolutely has the power to be a dictator, He has chosen not to be. God did not judge in the dark, and He didn’t force worship of Himself. It gave Lucifer confidence that he could rebel without losing his life as long as he could gain support on his side and form an alliance with others. Thus God would be pressured to be controlled. And Lucifer would through controlling and manipulating the lifegiver, be able to control life itself.

The confidence that we see in Lucifer’s attack on God shows a lot about God’s endurance and love for His creation. Lucifer knew full well that he could not remove God, so he directed his attack to whom the Bible calls the Son of God. He wanted the position of, the influence of, or to be equal to Him, God’s only Son. The only to have the nature of God, the very image of God.
He wanted full insight into all God’s dealings, just as the Son had. The heavenly host worshipped the Son together with His Father as they were one, and this is what Lucifer yearned for, to be worshipped rather than worshipping others. It was jealousy. Now if you are not religious, the idea of worship might seem somewhat odd and primitive. But if you want, I dare you to find one single person on this earth who does not have someone they look up to. Someone who inspired them or whom they wanted to be like. In fact, without having someone to admire and look up to, the world would not move forward. In beholding someone greater than ourselves, we move forward ourselves. If we love a higher ideal, we strive to follow that ideal. The idea of worship is therefore not a far-fetched primitive notion, I dare say it is what moves us forward. If the ideal before us is corrupt, and we follow it, we get corrupted. If it is good and honorable, we are elevated by adoring it. There is no world that doesn’t progress then, where beings in humility acknowledges something greater to strive for. Worshipping God, therefore, is equal to human progress, and it’s actually a healthy sign. That is the intellectual argument: adoring your Father, your Creator, and loving Him is the heart of worship. And that is the moral argument.

Intelligence is constant growth,
dependent on new information, and
new inputs.
When we get self-absorbed, or see our reflection as the
ultimate goal,
growth ends and we start walking in circles.

Lucifer wanted to be a God to others, he wanted to be praised rather than to praise. He wanted to be the ideal and wanted his ideas to be admired. Because God’s creatures can think and reason, for He did not create robots, Lucifer could choose the path of rebellion. When you have created someone with free will and thinking, you don’t control them, and that is why God did not control what Lucifer was thinking, feeling, and doing. With free will, God gives the person who is using it full responsibility for it and their own actions. You can not have one without the other. The two principles belong together.
Lucifer may not have started with a lie. Usually, it starts with insinuation and speculation, and the more you dwell on your suspicions, the more true they seem. Once he had taken that path, his pride and the fear of losing face came, and then the lying to protect himself and his influence. To keep his conscience he at first convinced himself that his lies were true. That his persistent attack on God was in everyone’s best interest, yet the truth was that he was just protecting his own interest. Sin always involves lying to oneself. Knowing this, God showed care and patience with Lucifer. God’s mercy made Lucifer even more bold in his attack. Was God’s mercy an admission?
Lucifer used his position to lie about God to all the angels which were part of God’s government.

He insinuated that God was bad and that His motives behind His law and order were bad.
They had never experienced anything like it, so they did not know what to believe at first. When you first plant doubts about someone, that doubt will grow. It is like a seed. Several times God tried to address the lies and tell everyone the truth, but Lucifer just continued with his agenda. He wanted God’s government to be forced to rule after his ideas of right and wrong. He wanted to pressure God. By controlling or subduing the life-giver, he would naturally be in charge. Or so he had hoped. However, God could not allow that, for He knew the unknown future of what Lucifer’s ideas would lead to. If God had allowed this, another ‘Lucifer’ would take Lucifer’s place and laws would forever shift and be disrespected, and then these types of rebellions would never end. It would really be just like we have it here on Earth. You would have, in heaven, what we have here on earth. Always someone who thinks they can do it better, only to repeat the mistakes of the former. Bloodshed and war. If God is controlled, God becomes a weapon in someone else’s hand, not a leader.

God could not run a world that would be based on lies about Him. And because of Lucifer’s position as a protector and guard by God’s throne, which was now under attack by the guardian, God was forced to relieve him of his position. Lucifer could no longer be a guarding cherub, so he lost his office. This was the highest office you could have under the divinity.
The Bible records that Lucifer convinced one-third of God’s angels to join under his banner in the battle against the Creator, to pressure Him. God choosing not to subdue Lucifer’s agenda immediately led to an open rebellion and war on Lucifer’s part. However, the majority of the angels remained on God’s side. Lucifer first only lost his position because of his actions. You can’t have a backstabber protecting your back, this much should be evident for most people. In view of this, God’s decision is perfectly understandable. Lucifer had literally made himself a god to the angels he had managed to convince and could no longer work as God’s cherub. He wanted to elevate himself, yet now he lost his rank instead, the exact opposite of what he desired happened. Now, Lucifer became even more bitter. Instead of blaming himself, he blamed God.

Note: God did not silence Lucifer or stop him from making his accusations and lies. But because of them, God had to confront them and tell the truth. This meant telling everyone that Lucifer was lying, this was humiliating to Lucifer to be exposed as a liar in front of those he wanted to adore him and so it was the birth of pride and even more resentment. 
The moment Lucifer had no role model in God, looking inside himself brought forth what we call today narcissist traits. Claiming to be the victim when you are the one harming. Anyone who has encountered a narcissist, or been on the bad side of a narcissist, knows how hard it is for people around you to see who is good and who is bad. The narcissist will pretend to be a victim, and convince everyone of that, painting you as the bad guy, the narcissist is very often charismatic and flatters people, and when you tell the truth, few believe you until they get on the bad side of the narcissist themselves. That is how hard it is to expose a narcissist game. And this is similar to the situation that happened in heaven.

And now you have the two sides the Bible tells us about. Lucifer and the angels join his side, God and his angels on the other. The conflict was draining in heaven, many did not know who to believe. Lucifer was succeeding to create sympathy for himself, to convince the angels he was just looking out for everyone and that what he had done was for their sake and not himself. He portrayed himself as a victim, and God as the perpetrator. This is why everything became so confusing to everyone. They had not experienced this type of behavior before. They did not understand such a beautiful, intelligent, and charming leader like Lucifer, would lie and twist reality. With God there was more mysticism, He was the one who was different in nature, He was the supreme authority, and it was easier for many to direct their doubts in God’s direction. He was not one of them. He is unique.

However, if God was really like Lucifer claimed, Lucifer would be dead instantly. No one would ever have heard his lies, to begin with. The fact they could listen to his accusations was already evidence his accusations were false.

God warned other planets and their inhabitants against Lucifer’s deception. And he now starts to be called by the name Satan by God and the others. Translated to English Satan just means: an opponent, someone who attacks.

Satan earned this name because he attacked God and the government in heaven. Lucifer was a name given to him to match his task as a cherub. Lucifer means to shine, to give light. His job was to reflect the light that came from Gods throne to the angels. But to God, Lucifer was no longer doing that, he was not representing the light of God anymore. Rather, he was leading people into mental darkness with his lies. This is why he named him “the attacker” instead, but Satan still thinks of himself as a light-bearer and will still use the name Lucifer and claim his way is the way of illumination. Also, his followers here on earth will still call their way the enlightenment, except for the ignorant who dress in black and hail Satan that way. They don’t know Satan and that he perceives himself as light and God as darkness. It is God who ties Satan with darkness, not Satan himself.

Lucifer claims you are illuminated by rejecting God. God, on the other hand, claims Satan’s path leads into darkness and destruction. The expressions are important as we will see. This is because God often uses symbolic language. When it is light you can see everything, you see where you’re walking, and you can see who your God is. God claims He does not act in the dark, which is in stark contrast to Satan’s claims. He calls Satan’s way darkness because when you walk in the dark you do not see where you are going or where you’re heading, you are likely to stumble, and you can hide your motives and your actions from others. In contrast, God claims to not hide His actions because He allows His actions to be investigated, and that what He does endures scrutiny.
And so, darkness and light are really expressions of the two ways to live. If you have something to hide you, do it ‘in the dark’ so to speak. To this very day, violent crimes mostly happen at night for the same reason. If you had done it in daylight, you would fear being seen, getting caught, or prevented. And this was Satan’s or Lucifer’s prevailing strategy because he did things that were bad. He had to hide his motives and deny his wrongdoings. To act in hiding. Satan knows that if he acts in the open, he will be exposed immediately. He will be disliked. It is also called darkness because Satan did not know the end of his rebellion and where it would lead. He walks in darkness and can only offer others to do the same.

So, it’s not really about black versus white. Even though Lucifer claims his side is the light and that God’s side is the dark side, God says otherwise, and with good reason. And it is important to know this. There are many movies and series made to illustrate the dark and good side, and most of the time they are inspired by Satan’s view of him as the good that rebels against the evil suppresser. In this way, many are deceived through these films to think in a certain way without even noticing they are being manipulated. It might look like whenever good and bad are portrayed it seems to be to God’s advantage and describing the battle of good and evil. But in most series and films inspired by Satan, God is the bad guy and he, the rebel, is the hero.

Satan is a master manipulator and has through Hollywood changed how mankind thinks and perceives. In Star Wars, Satan identifies with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader with Christ. The revelation that he is his father, ends with Luke crying no and throwing himself down into space. Darth Vader says: “There is no escape, don’t make me destroy you… Join me…with our combined strength we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the Galaxy”
The problem is that Satan is not a morally, self-sacrificing hero, but a master manipulator who will sacrifice others to save himself. Naturally whole movies do not contain the plot of Satan vs God, but elements, and ideas are often planted to change man’s perception of right and wrong, good and bad.

So God would not call him Lucifer anymore, his name would be a lie, and he did not bring enlightenment. However, God did not destroy the opposition, there was too much doubt present in the universe because of all of Satan’s lies about Him. God’s best chance to reinstate harmony in heaven, and among the angels and worlds was to allow Satan to reveal himself a liar. This would be done by letting him live in order for the things he had done in the darkness to be exposed. Or else there would be constant doubt and this sad (said) situation would never really end. It is hard sometimes to know who is lying if the person lying is accusing the other one of lying.
And as for destroying Satan and his angels; you have to remember the other angels cared about them greatly, they knew each other. The two sides knew each other. They still cared about Satan. And so, if Satan and his followers had been sentenced at this point it would most likely lead to fear, insecurity, and quite possibly a new rebellion altogether. The doubt would just get worse: They’d say: ‘Why did God silence Satan?’, ‘Did God have something to hide?’, and so on. It would force God into the darkness, to act in the dark, if he were to destroy Satan before or right after the rebellion. God refused to do that. He wanted the truth to come out, and for angels and people to make educated, enlightened choices.
God’s best option was to let Satan live and be exposed. If there was uncertainty as to who told the truth, then time would have to reveal who was lying.

Many believe God is at fault for everything evil by letting Satan live. But the fact is that once the ball of rebellion started rolling it would not end with Satan or anyone else until all beings saw the course of rebellion from start to finish. Beings had to know to understand and to agree. God needed their support to maintain peace, He can’t create peace alone. Not because he is not all-powerful, He really is, but because God is not a dictator. He does not suppress, He inspires and leads. Satan’s rebellion did not force God to change his style of government. Another’s sin does not change God’s morals. He will not limit the other’s freedom because Satan abused his. If He had, then Satan had truly through his sin, managed to control God. But what did not work on God, Satan is successful with the governments on earth.

We were the only planet to join him in his rebellion.

Adam and Eve, the first humans to inhabit our planet who were given authority to rule the earth, were actually warned.

God did not stop Satan from telling lies, rather he told people to be on alert and evaluate. To use their free will to choose what is right.

If we were the only planet that joined the rebellion, the rebellion seemed to hold more weight to it. Satan’s accusation might even make sense somehow. But all the other planets stayed with God, and they are currently happy and thriving societies. They are right now a living contrast to our own planet led by Satan. We don’t see it, but the universe does.

Satan came to trick Adam and Eve. He caused them to doubt God, to doubt if God could be trusted. He implied that God made rules to elevate His pride rather than care for them. Which was actually Satan’s traits and motives for wanting to be like God. He was that one.
Often when something wrong manifests inside us, we behold others that way. A Person who cheats suspects others of cheating or will state the opinion that everyone has a secret desire to cheat. Satan did most likely behold God and suspect God was what was in his own heart. But it did not make it the truth.
Once they allowed this doubt in their hearts and minds, he told them to try to become gods themselves so they could serve their own interests like God served His. He tempted Eve to pursue becoming like God. Just like he himself had wanted to be like God and pursued it, and unfortunately, she followed the advice.

Satan used a serpent to deceive because it would work as visual evidence to what was claimed. If an animal under Adam and Eve’s rule suddenly became more intelligent than even them just by eating the fruit of the tree, it made them vulnerable if they could not eat it as well. Would they lose control if they did not eat? While Satan made them think God feared them becoming more knowledgeable and like God, he pretended to be someone under human rule who had become equal to humans in intelligence. The deception has many layers to it. This is just one of them. He aroused doubt and suspicion and then told them to protect themselves by elevating themselves. He then made following the urge appear rewarding and safe.
Although both Eve and Satan made an ignorant attempt to become like God, Satan had done it to glorify himself above God, and Eve did it because she had been led to believe God did not wish her well. She wouldn’t done it had she not been misled about God and believed the lie. It was not out of malice on her end like with Satan, so God had sympathy for mankind.

However, doubt had now become part of human life as humans grew in number. Why would God not just forgive and forget? Why such a severe punishment? Why were they under condemnation? Was God correct? Was Satan correct?

When you have done something wrong it is very common to try to put the blame somewhere else, or to defend it, or even try to reason about it. It’s how we justify ourselves, it is how we live with ourselves. It is how we manage to feel good about ourselves even when we have done something wrong.
But this need for mankind to justify itself gave Satan and his angels a fundament to work on. Here, Satan found a place where his words were appreciated and whose people took part in mocking and rebelling against God. Now, not at all welcome in other places, this planet became their home base from where they would make their case against God’s rule.

They would use human misery as evidence against God to win more beings in the universe on their side. To outnumber those on God’s side to pressure God to reinstate Satan.

As many think and many religions even preach: ‘God forced Satan to live here on our planet, and thus the first human sinned by having to share the planet with the rebellion while they still had not sinned.’ This, however, is not the case. Satan went around trying to convince many. The earth was one of the places. And they were already warned, which is why Satan disguised himself.
Satan’s freedom of speech had remained. However, the Bible tells us after he tried to physically wage war against heaven, he was confined to Earth, imprisoned here together with us, him and his angels. They were sort of ‘put in prison’, awaiting judgment along with the people he had fooled into following him. Now it took quite some time before God chose to restrain him here. God needed the rest of the inhabitants of the universe to agree to his imprisonment. He waited till there was no doubt in the other’s minds until they agreed. According to Revelation 12, Not until Christ was crucified was this doubt completely gone from the inhabitants of heaven. Satan had killed the one who once took part in creating him. His own creator. As soon as Jesus took upon himself human flesh and became mortal, he attacked Him relentlessly, knowing he was his life-giver.

The contrast between Satan’s hate and selfishness and God and His Son’s love was so great that there was no doubt anymore. Christ degraded Himself to uplift others. Satan degrades others to lift himself up. Christ was moral and fought fairly. Satan fought dirty and immorally. In fact, God had given Lucifer the freedom of speech even after his rebellion. God had not taken his life, but let him live and make his accusations openly. Even when he persuaded one third of Gods angels, God did not silence Satan.

Jesus became the weakest of the weakest
when being incarnated as a human
being. He had to fully rely on His Father
and angels to protect him, as He gave
up all control.

And in all this Satan could portray himself as the weak and persecuted one, and God as the strong oppressor. But God is clever and got him to expose himself. When God became flesh through His son, human flesh in what had now become Satan’s world, Satan showed his true principles. Satan took from Christ the right to speak freely in what he considered his domain. Satan would silence God who lived as a human, and he would not permit Christ to win his followers. Lastly, Satan pushed his people to torture and kill Christ. This is mainly why all doubt was removed back in heaven. Satan had revealed himself to be exactly what he accused God of being. He did to God, what God did not do to him when he started the rebellion. God had patience with Satan’s deceptions and accusations for thousands of years. Satan could not stand Christ speaking for the 3,5 years he got to minister, he even tried to kill Jesus as soon as he was born and had not spoken a word. All his life Christ’s life was threatened. As the roles were reversed and God’s Son became the weaker part by coming to this world, “made lower than the angels,” Satan revealed his true face, and his lies were exposed for all to see. His rebellion was not about freedom, it was about his desire to elevate himself. He did not love his followers. He had accused God of being unforgiving, but when man had the chance of pardon, he wanted to take that from them.
And together with his death sentence upon Gods Son and His followers came his own death sentence.

It is written in Revelation 12:12 that heaven rejoiced when God decided to confine Satan and his angels to earth. They did not want him to come before them anymore. And imagine this; Eve was tempted to try and become like God, yet God’s son gave up His divine nature and became her very descendant. In the flesh, even lower than her, as the human body and abilities had degenerated severely. The one who gave life to her, would accept to be her decendant. He really degraded Himself to save the people who had rebelled against Him. All while exposing Satans real agenda and nature.

So, why can’t you see the good and the bad angels? Angels are created differently than humans. They are a different species of sorts. They can shapeshift, they can travel really fast, they can appear as humans, and even imitate departed family members voice and face (similar to human deepfake, only better). They can also control other beings if they choose to abuse their position. They are more advanced than humans.

The angels were sort of God’s Police-force in the universe, but in a good way. Because there were no crimes, they mostly helped God caring for all things. But now, when one-third of them have gone bad, the traits He had given these beings, their nature that was made for good, are used for evil. They can do things that we cannot, things we would consider supernatural. They are not limited by some of the forces of nature that we are limited by. They follow others scientifically laws. And that is why there is so much supernatural activity on our planet, because they are doing their tricks. They can make you float; they can move items without you seeing them, and so on. They can literally take control over your mind and body. However, God doesn’t permit them to, unless you have, by choice and action, opened up for it willingly. You can choose to let them posses you by inviting them in.

The image from video provided by
the Department of Defense with
what many think is a UFO.

God’s faithful angels are not allowed to use their powers to possess people. God does not force peoples will, it is against Gods principles to do so. Therefore, when someone is possessed, even if they claim it is the Spirit of God, it is not. God’s Spirit does not possess, only the fallen angels do, because they no longer follow the rules God originally set for them. An angel that possesses a human being and take from them their free will, is in rebellion

A different “alien” species have lived side by side with humans for thousands of years. They are the fallen angels and they do not origin from earth or have the same nature as us. We are defenseless against them, and so God has sent angels from heaven to help humans. These angels are the same species as the others, only here to protect humanity. Both angels, does gone rough and those loyal to God, can appear as ordinary humans. It is impossible for man to tell them apart. They tried to trick Jesus when he was a human as well, but he exposed them based off their words and behaviour.

to Gods law. Unless were talking about taking control over a person for a short moment to save someone’s life or interfere when something bad is about to take place. For instance, to stop you from crossing the road when a truck would hit you. In those type of incidents God’s angels can momentarily interfere to help you, and that is in part why they have these powers. But this is not the same as taking from someone their free will. I am sure you can tell the difference between an emergency situation to save you or someone else and mind/body-control. When you are possessed you can not easily make your own choices, because another power is paralysing your mental and physical capacity. Throughout time cults and tribes have made contact with Satans angels wanting to be possessed to gain power and wealth.

Meditation, ouija board, tribal
trance dances, alien seekers,
witchcraft, pagan religious
observance, any form of calling
upon them, are all ways to
contact the fallen angels. The
angels do not need a specific
approach, they just need an
invitation and us to reach out to
them willingly. Once we do, we
decline Gods protection and the
fallen angels can contact us. This
is why many methods lead to
spiritualism. Many Christian
churches are led by
fallen angels.

It was for good the angels were given these abilities in the first place. But now, in the case of Satan and his angels, are used for evil. They break Gods laws for angels, and force peoples will.
In many churches today, you will see people being ‘possessed’ of sorts, with what they claim is God’s spirit. They shake uncontrollably, they are thrown to the ground by an invisible force and similar events. Miracles seem to happen in a setting of oppression. These events are never caused by the Spirit of God, and this is evident in how people are treated.
Others claim God is a voice in their head, forcing or threatening them to kill others, and again this is not of God. God does not force people to commit crimes. There are Christians who follow a voice in their head that suppresses and hurts and creates apathy, this is not God’s spirit.

Satan and his angels have found that pretending to be Christian
is the best way to misrepresent and fight God.
The Bible warns against them pretending to be Christian in several places.
Any type of Christian trying to take over someone else’s mind and body
is almost always in alliance with the wrong side. Very really will God use such
extremes. Watch out for praise meetings, churches, and groups that won’t allow you to
think and reason for yourself and that manifest a spirit of confusion,
mass hypnosis, extreme repetitions in songs and prayer, mass arousal,
or any type of calculated manipulation. Often when it is done a person
might feel joyful and hyped during the meeting and depressed or anxious after,
without understanding why.
Photo: Reprodução

Although heaven rejoiced when Satan and his followers were confined to earth, they also exclaimed that they pitied the people on earth who were now stuck with them. Because Satan is angry, and he is taking it out on the ones he can. He is the father of narcissism and he has experience in making bad people look good, and good people look bad.

So, why doesn’t Christ take over the earth straight away? The reason is that God does not judge by Himself. We learn from the Bible that in the heavenly court there are thousands upon thousands working and observing Gods judgements. We are talking about many million beings in the courts in heaven (Dan.7:9-12). That is a big court. God does nothing in the dark, everything is open to be investigated. Although our planet is in ‘prison’ (quarantine) so to speak, no final death sentence is pronounced on anyone until all the cases have been reviewed and worked on. This involves trying to save the lost. Because this work is about mankind, the Bible tells us God has gathered good human representatives from every generation (nation) here on earth to oversee the process that is still ongoing in heaven. So they have been brought to heaven for this purpose (Revelation Rev 4:4; Rev.5:9-10; Rev 5:11).

It is a literal, real legal proceeding that is taking place. Only when everyone’s case have been carefully reviewed in a fair way will the sentencing, or the execution of the judgment start. In God’s world, every life is so precious and unique that nothing is done lightly. Not even we understand the value heaven places on each individual life. We are accustomed to treating each other badly, viewing others as obstacles, or with jealousy. We are used to death and destruction. But heaven values each individual life, and everyone’s case is reviewed thoroughly.

For the sake of justice and for our protection, God openly declares that His court system does not work as many human courts. God cannot be bribed, He does not show favor by trade agreements and is not intimidated by fear tactics. He cannot be fooled. No narcissist can make a false claim against you and have you wrongly convicted in the courts of heaven because He has access to all the information. You cannot flatter Him to get advantages and you cannot buy your way out with any amount of money. This point is explained several times in the Bible, that God is a righteous judge.

This strict security for fairness in God’s court of law is for your and everyone’s benefit.

And this is why the proceeding in heaven had to take its time.

Meanwhile, those who rebel by following Satan’s lead and God’s people are stuck living together here on earth. In theory, both can win each other over to the other side. God accepts if someone does not choose Him anymore, and He lets them make that decision on their own. Satan, however, does not accept people going over to the other side, and he will try and stop them. If bribery, success or flattery do not work, he attacks. He will put the family up against them, get them fired, ruin their economy, basically use anyone who is useable to afflict that person with pain and suffering until they blame God and come back to the one who was really behind it.

Many going over to God’s side will
experience a lot of mental pressure as
well as social pressure. Many things
might appear to go wrong. Satan will
cause harm and then insinuate it
happened because God does not care
about you.

The Bible says he makes war against them in any way possible. Anyone going from Satan’s side to God’s side will experience all of Satan’s dirty tricks severely. The more involved with him or his side you have been, the more severe the battle and hatred on his end. He will try and crush you, tell you to kill yourself.
This again shows the contrast between God and his accuser.

Christ has asked His followers to try to save as many people as possible. He says all humans are family, and we are responsible for trying to reach and save our own people. When God and angels work so hard, our indifference to our fellow man is not proper. God wants us to love each other and save each other.

God understands that many have been lied to and fooled, and He wants to give them a second chance. He proclaims, in the Bible, that He does not want any persons to perish. If it is possible to save everyone, He will.
He loves people, and He sees them as His children who have gone astray and want to rescue them. This makes the earth a spiritual war zone unlike anything ever seen in the universe before.
It is a spiritual battle as there are angels on both sides working against each other to win over humans. One side wants to save them, the other wants to use them as a weapon and an argument for their own case.
God wants to win humans back because He has a spiritual or unseen bond with every single one of His created beings, and He cares for them. He knows their hearts and their thoughts, and His spirit has given them life. Mankind was once created in God’s image.
Satan selfishly only wants to win over humans to hurt God and try to prove himself right about Him to somehow achieve more support from other beings in the universe. We are paws in His strive for acceptance. He treats his paws well as long as they serve his purpose and then when they no longer can he disposes of them and throw them away like garbage. Your value to him is when you serve his purpose. And he gives you money, position and recognition in return.
It is his last chance to live and to harm God is to make the rebellion grow on a universal level. He is trying to pin his own evil here on earth upon God and blame Him and us for everything.

So, on to the last finale of this confrontation that is soon to take place.

If you go on God’s side, you are considered God’s ally to Satan and his angels. To be a citizen of God’s kingdom and live in this world at the same time is a great challenge. God has advised His people through scripture that although He expects us to be obedient to His moral laws, we should obey the laws of the land in addition. This is in order to have as much peace as possible in this world run by his enemy. As long as the laws of the land do not force you to break God’s moral laws that is.

If the laws of the land tell you to steal, God tells you to disobey them and obey Him instead. But where they are not conflicting, for our peace’s sake, we are to obey them and avoid as much conflict as possible.

The devil does not want God’s people to live in peace under his rule. He considers them his enemy because we are on his enemy’s side, and we expose his lies. And even though he cannot physically harm God anymore, he can still physically harm His people here on earth. Furthermore, he considers the planet here his work, his accomplishment.

Christ who has all the rights to the planet, says he will give it to his people that are loyal to the courts in heaven, in other words, loyal to God. This means that the people of Christ shall inherit the earth. Hence, Gods faithful people here on earth are the ones with the rights to the earth together with Christ. This in turn means that they are competition for Satan and his angels and are subject to their hate. They feel it should belong to them because they are chosen by the majority of people in the world. And if Satan convinces the whole world he thinks he can make his case that God cannot sentence him. Satan knows very well that all governments and powers in heaven and other places are aware of what is going on here.

However, Satan has committed so many crimes that God must judge him. The whole universe wants to see him judged at this point. Those who used to have doubts are now asking God to judge him for the sake of peace. For all the blood spilled and souls lost by his deception and mental violence. He has gotten people’s acceptance and sympathy by lying, pretending to be a Christian to the Christians, a jew to the Jews, a Muslim to the Muslims, a pagan to the pagans, and an atheist to the atheists. Basically, his way of ruling is based on deception and lies. Most people do not even know who they are following. Thus, God must end Satan’s rule as it is constantly violating the rights of mankind. He can no longer spare Satan without violating other beings’ rights.

So, Christ is granted all the rights to the planet Earth in the heavenly courts, a ceremony that is recorded in the Bible. He is given it as a human who has not rebelled against God. Satan feels this is cheating, but all of the heaven has already accepted it. Christ really gave up His divine nature and He did become a real human being with everything that involved. They have accepted Him as a human representative in heaven. Jesus did actually become a real human. And the earth’s rights are given to a human who has not rebelled against heaven.

And His people, his entire human family, are entitled to the earth and will inherit it. Now, this -especially- makes God’s people a target, and God’s enemy has vowed to make them outcasts and strangers on the earth if he cannot kill them. (Heb.11:36-40)

The last events before Christ’s coming.

Scripture has advised God’s people to subordinate to the earthly governments as best they can while they wait for Christ to claim the earth. We are to be peacemakers here, to be a good example, to be ambassadors for heaven, and to agree with the social organizational structure if an organization is good. (Romans 13:1-2, Luk.9:53-56; Joh.18:10-11; Rev.13:10) He wants us to take part in creating order because chaos always brings suffering. His people are not encouraging lawlessness were the strongest win and rule. Rather, they support governments that protect the rights of everyone and who fight crime. All these things are needed in a world full of criminals and where selfishness has become the norm. Order is needed to control the human urges that cause harm to others. Limiting people from harming others can only be done if there are consequences. And so, God supports human court systems, as they are a miniature of His own, dealing with criminals as a good thing, and He does not want His people to oppose it because we need it. However, there are occasions God supports disobedience against governments. (Exo 21:24, Exo. 22:4-15, Lev 24:20-21) It is therefore important for a Christian to know when to obey and when not to.

God wants His people to support order even now. If nothing else but to save other people. Even if the governments reject God, they can still do good if they rule in fairness. 

Therefore, Satan has and will continue to convince governments to make religious laws, or to unify religion and state so that God’s people come in constant conflict with the governments. He wants to force them to act rebelliously to create an argument for his own rebellion. He wants God’s people on earth to appear as the lawless ones, the difficult ones, as disruption of peace. (Rev.13:15-17, Dan. 3:15; Dan.6:13, Est.3:2-6, 2.King.1:9-10, 1.King 18:17, Acts. 5:28-29, Rev.13:15-17 etc )

If a government is free from religion, God’s people can still live in peace and worship and obey God in heaven at the same time as respecting human organizations and governments. 

This is the reason why it is Satan who does not want a state free from religion and spiritualism, because that gives God’s people freedom and then they win terrain with their example and preaching. It is therefore Satan himself who is behind the mixing of apostate religious behaviour from governments. In the Bible, such governments are compared to BEASTS. Satan is also behind the uniting of state and church. This is a new thought to many, but it is so. Satan’s greatest weapon against God’s people is to tie state and religion together.

By urging governments to mix religious or non-religious into their legislation Satan takes away God’s people’s freedom, forcing them to either choose the state laws over God’s laws to avoid trouble, or he can have them judged as criminals and persecute them and make their life a living hell. In Satan’s eyes, God’s people are criminals when they do not obey his laws here on earth. He claims the earth is his, and he convinces those who will listen to him to view them as criminals too. (Luke 4:5-6)

And thus, Satan wishes for religious or anti-religious laws and states to be unified in one way or another. He does not necessarily need a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic state, he can also do it through an agnostic or atheist state. Communist and socialist states is known to put pressure upon Gods people and to advance, normalize and enforce pagan moral. If he gets the government to pressure God’s people in their loyalty to God’s moral laws, Satan wins.

So, God approves governments that fights crimes and help keep order, but the moment a government require you to choose to either obey them or obey God, they act as gods, and this does not have the approval of heaven. And in the Bible, they are described as beasts.

So, this is the battle Satan is doing against Christ and His people here on earth. He wants the governments to not just fight crimes, but to interfere in people’s religious lives.

 Forcing a Christian doctor to perform an abortion or losing his license and life work is one example. Forcing a church to wed same-sex couples is another.

School teaches their students there is no God and the world came from an evolution process. Forcing Christian students to accept the evolution theory in their academic work to pass and get a title or even a job.
Silencing the Bible, preachers and conversion, is war against God.

But these types of laws only give the believer minor conflicts and inconveniences. Many minor conflicts and social reject is hard to handle mentally and over time, which is reason why churches are emptying. The world view ad Christianity seem at constant conflict, and many can not endure it and choose the world to live an easier life.

Throughout time, God’s enemy has pressured God’s people by using different governments. The severe persecution by the Romans was conducted after Rome made laws that conflicted with God’s and people had to choose between the Roman ruler or God. And when they chose God, they were tried in the Roman court and executed. This is how Satan does to those he hates. He wants to make them miserable and if possible, torture and kill them. The one who is holding this planet hostage is trying to kill those who have the right to it according to the records in heaven, the supreme justice court in the universe. If Satan can bribe you with riches and fame, he will do that first. If he can flatter you or anger you to join his side, he will do that. If you defend him, he will give you honor. His triumph is greater if you leave God’s kingdom to join his rebellion. But those he cannot convince in that way; he will attempt to destroy. In the past, there was always a way to escape, new land to go to, and other kingdoms to take refuge in.
As a matter of fact, God made the original state of Israel back in Moses and Joshua’s day to be a land to protect God’s people. A place where they could flourish without Satan constantly interfering and sabotaging. A free space for God’s people to live in peace. But because they started following the ways of the other nations, this place God wanted to have for His people, was destroyed and His people were scattered. As Gods true followers are still scattered without a land to protect them today, God has influenced governments to give people religious freedom to help His people. Satan has worked hard against this. Sometimes God has moved his people to places where there is freedom for them.

Soon, this will not be a possibility any longer. Because of trade agreements, because of UN, NATO, and other organizations where forces are united, there are few places left to escape if you rub them the wrong way. Most countries now have governments that cause problems for you if you wish to honor God’s authority and keep His laws. It is said to be “dangerous and extreme behaviour” to follow God’s culture.
A lot of power is unified today. Those countries that don’t comply with the internationally agreed standards are left under sanctions and pressured with not being able to trade goods on which all countries have become dependent. All countries’ economies are now dependent upon good international relations, especially with USA. They can not buy and sell, if they don’t behave according to the United standard. In this way, Satan now works through the unification of the world under his direction. But because mankind is smart and has brains, many would rebel against him if they knew what they were fighting for, Satan still goes undercover and works in the dark. Also, all his calculated plans are disguised as good plans, plans to save the planet, to save the climate, to save people, to save us all from calamities and wars. Satan himself instigates unrest, so he can come up with peace plans that make people give him more control. The unified new world order came about during the World Wars, where Satan himself creates his order from his evil, and mankind is played.

First Leauge of Nations meeting (later United nations). Satan created the unrest in the world, so no one would dare object to his new tower of Babel. Another world war was however needed to gain more control.

It’s called democracy, peace, and
safety. But such leagues give less power to the people, not more.
Most representing their countries
are not elected by the people.
United Nations try to shape the
world from the top, and not from a
democratic process. The top that
instigate wars, gain their power

through wars.

Satan is literally the king of false flag operations. He harms and then he presents a cure. All to make you dependent upon him and those who follow his lead. Like any narcissist, he wants codependency.

The crimes of the two World Wars were initiated through Satan to start gathering the world into different trade agreements and organizations. Outwardly, it was said to be done for peace, to build bridges between nations. But the real object was to make countries dependent upon each other so they would be more obedient and easier to control. It is easier to control a gathering of powers then powers that are divided. In the Bible, God predicts and warns against the gathering of the nations. He says it is led by His and our enemy. He says it is created to give the illusion of peace, security, and control. Yet Satan will try using it to destroy Christ’s claim to the earth and His people who live here and have the rights to it. A unified resistance. He will inspire them to make laws that if you keep them, you must break God’s law. The whole world is forced to teach their children that there is no Creator and that we have developed ourselves and were not created in His image.
In the last book of the Bible, Revelation, showing the time right before Christ comes, God’s people are pressured “by a beast” and “a harlot” cooperating with the nations. And they will be forced to choose either to rebel against them and choose God’s law and the faith of Christ, or to obey them. This means God’s people will be marked as criminals, troublemakers and rebels in the very end.

In the Bible, it is called The MARK OF THE BEAST LAW and it is mentioned in Revelation 14 as a global set of laws. It will be enforced, first by the United States of America, and it will basically take away from you elementary human rights if you do not agree to respect these human laws that conflict with God’s laws. (Rev.13:14-18; Rev.14:12; Rev.19:19-20)
The irony? The Mark of the Beast law is said to be for the good of humanity, for peace and security, and worst of all lies, this law is said by many to be in God.s honor. It is meant to compliment both the religious and the irreligious. Can you believe it? Therefore, God warns against what he calls “The Mark of The Beast”. And notice, all the warnings in the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, are given by Christ Himself to His people still stuck on earth with Satan. (Rev.1:1; Rev.12:12-13) He says, I am coming. And when laws against you are global, I will come and get you and take control of the impossible situation. There is nothing more His people can do at this time. (Rev.19:11-21; Rev.20:1-3)

If the Bible has predicted it, why does Satan still do his plans as the Bible predicts? This is a battle for this planet. Right now, it is all Satan’s got and he wants full control so he can have a full resistance. Knowing that God does not rule without a large legal system, he hopes to convince the rest of the universe to pressure God to let him keep the earth or to question Gods judgements regarding himself. This is Satan’s last stronghold, and he and his angel’s only hope of survival. That he can somehow prove his accusations of God are true to the heavenly world, that God is unreasonable and earth should be granted to him.
He hopes to keep God away. But as long as God has a people on this earth, God will intercede on their behalf.

Through countless movies Satan has inspired man to view Christ second coming as an alien invasion, coming to destroy humanity, and that humans must stand together and fight back. Although it seem like harmless entertainment, it creates hostility towards Christ coming because of the little elements of the cosmic battle is feed into the narrative. The same narrative is created over and over again, that humanity must fight against an alien judgement day. This hostility will lead to a great war against Christ as predicted in Revelation 20:8-9. Although it has elements of truth, that God will come to judge humanity, Satan leaves out why and that humans still have a chance of salvation. He is lost and wish mankind to think they are lost too and their only option is to fight. Movies program us and how we think and our reactions more than we understand.
Sympathy for the devil is growing. The picture here is from
a popular singer and her song: Lucifer is Lonely. The use of the
name “Lucifer” reveals the spirit behind it. It is all based on
the lies of Satan that humans are lost, that God is against us,
and that “we are all in this together”. First Satan makes God
appear severally strict with commands impossible to adhere to.
Then he fools us into thinking we are lost and God’s judgment
is a threat. Then as God is viewed as a threat, he is hated and
feared, and it leads to humans taking part in the rebellion.
Truth is Satan is our enemy and God loves us and is
desperately trying to save us.

And as long as Satan fights for it, he will attack through governmental forces those who have a right to the earth. God is just foreseeing and warning his people, that Satan will not stop what he has been doing all along. At this point, Satan goes in circles and repeats himself.

He wants to destroy God’s people and have a united world against God. Satan wants to make God’s people poor, mocked, and without influence to scare others from following their lead. The ones who influence others the most, he wants dead.

Before the prophet Daniel, in the Bible, God’s angel declares when the end would come: “and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished”. (Dan.12:7) When they no longer have any influence.

Jim Jones represents very well what Satan is doing and the world’s spiritual situation right now. Jim Jones was first a Christian pastor turned agnostic and socialistic. He brought his followers to the jungle and separated families so he could easier control each individual, as the family bond is the strongest bond between humans. Claimed to be their benefactor and what he was doing was for their safety and liberation. They were abused but Jones led his followers to think the abuse was caused by their “enemies” and he was a victim they needed to be loyal to. When an abuser is treated like a victim, he gets even more power. When a worried team, led by a congressman from the US came to see if someone needed rescue or help, Jones convinced his followers that they were under attack and had to kill this enemy. Thus they ended up killing their only hope of rescue. Jones then convinced them there was no hope left and they all were forced into mass suicide. Almost one thousand men, women, and children died in one day. Likewise, Satan was once a cherub, an angel of God gone bad. And he is convincing mankind their rescue is their enemy, and to die with him. That he and we are God’s victims when he is the abuser.

Again, notice how gracefully God has treated Satan and his angels throughout time. And how terribly they have treated both Gods son and His people in return. Satan is not the freedom fighter many think he is. He is the king of oppression, lies, and murder. Just as Jesus said: He called him the father of lies and “murderer from the beginning” (Joh.8:44)
Satan describes God with his own characteristics because he no longer sees the possibility of someone not being like him. Because Satan’s hunger for power and admiration, he thinks that is also God’s motive. He does not understand love anymore, he only understands lust.

The devil has been planning this universal attack for a long time. By creating a society where trade is globalized, gathering most people in cities, making them uneducated in taking care of their own needs, making them desperately dependent upon their governments for all things in life, and making the governments their gods. People not being able to even own anything without paying taxes so it can be taken from you by the government if you lose the right to trade. Whether it is health, water supply, food, or accepted education, by being able to perform any profession. He has separated the families by pressuring mothers out of the home, leaving the children to be taught only by society and norms Satan can control. Through porn and constant focus on sex, men are emotionally and physically detached from their wives. The institution of family is attacked on all sides and with all means, as a unified family is less easy to manipulate. Children are set up against their parents.

Majority of Disney’s beloved classics for
children, the parents are dead or dying.
A life of adventure and pleasure begins.
Bambi, Frozen, The Lion King, Snow White,
Cinderella presents the idea that
fulfillment in life is outside the family
union. In the world of Donald, Mickey
Goofy, Minnie, there are only aunts
and uncles left. The parents are gone.

Satan has entangled everything with laws and regulations forcing you to disrespect God if you want to thrive in society. It is ironic since he was the one who at the start was against God having rules. Satan’s world is overfilled with rules and regulations on every aspect of life. Turns out, when you tell people to live selfishly by their own lusts there is no number of laws that need to be created to accominate them. People constantly come up with new ways to be mean and hurt others. In return this causes more money to go to governments as they have more areas they need to control, which again leads to elevated taxes. In society, everyone has to pay for others’ violations. Everyone loses trust because of those who are dishonest. Everyone is suspected of evil, and subjected to rules as if they will do harm, and not only those who do evil and harm. This is why Satan’s way of ruling ultimately leads to more laws and control, than God’s ways.

Not only on a governmental level, the one who opposed God’s moral laws has created so many complicated jungle laws, making us ‘fish out of water’ if ever left to fend for ourselves. We are closed off from most academic professions if we don’t agree with his lies on our exams, our reports, and our work. From early on he has worked on people’s minds through media, music, and even schools to love what is bad and hate that which is good. He encourages people to abuse themselves and get trapped in different forms of addiction. Right now the world is addicted to constant stimulation.
People strive to make a name for themselves, to get recognition, and to feel complete. Pressured by “you only live once” they dread missing out on whatever pleasure their generation has. He has taught them to give in to their passions to satisfy themselves and to worship self. He has put the idea of happiness as a carrot in front of everyone, causing them to think they must chase self-indulgence to reach a perfect state of happiness.

His final act, therefore, is easy after doing all this work. When making laws that conflict with Gods laws, most people will choose to believe and love the lie. (2.Thess.2:9-12) And God’s people will be left in complete peril. Those who have the right to the earth through Christ, Satan will remove all rights. The people who have not chosen to be saved will try to rob those who have, the right to make a living on this earth.

Now, this is part of the reason Christ comes after the ‘Mark of the Beast law’.
When God’s people will not even be allowed to make a living under his rule if faithful to God, the sin of both Satan and the people following him has become too much. They show no mercy, hence, God has no mercy for them anymore. For the sake of His people on earth, it is time for Christ to take control.
Christ is not an alien, He is now one of the human family. And in heaven we are told how leaders from earth, from every nation, is there and are agreeing with God and allowing Him to take charge: “And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold. …The four and twenty elders fall down before him …and cast their crowns before the throne, saying, Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things” (Rev.4:4.10 & 11) These are human rulers from throughout time, representing man in heaven (Rev.5:9) It is not God versus humans, humans have had a say all along, and will continue to have.

In Revelation 18, and in the judgment over the world God says to His people here on earth: “For God has judged her with the judgment she imposed on you”. (Rev.18:20) And in the plagues coming over earth, He proclaims: “Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done.
Pour her a double portion from her own cup.”. (Rev.18:6-7) God is battling for mankind. He does not need rescue, we do.
And so, the Mark of the Beast law is the catalyst for Christ’s second coming because rebellion is global, and because His people have lost their rights just for being faithful to Him, the actual ruler, and heaven. They are pressured out of society or forced to compromise.

The plagues mentioned in Revelation 16 will come around the time of the Mark of the Beast law in different strengths and different places. This is God’s war against them that are at war with Him and His people. Through the plagues they are disarmed as much as possible for His people’s sake until Christ comes and gathers them to Himself. And so, according to the book of Revelation, the people and Satan bring this upon themselves. Because of their actions, God is left with no other choice but to intervene.
The moment Christ comes in the clouds, Earth is under His rule.

The Bible indicates His people will not be able to buy or sell, have a proper profession, or keep their properties unless they comply. And so, what kind of laws are about to come, stripping you of all your rights unless you comply?

Many Christians have many different ideas of what these laws are.

But they are not some great atheistic attacks on Christians as some think. It is sneaky because it is meant to fool those who claim to follow Christ. Faithful Christians are the last stronghold; they are the one Satan wish to turn against God’s government. To make them like himself, from being guardians to become attackers of what they were meant to protect, is the greatest triumph for him. Those people who live a self-gratifying life and hate God are not the ones Satan is targeting. (Rev.12:17) He leaves those people alone, which is why some of these people seem to have more peace in life. (Psalm.73) In the time we now are living, the greater your consciousness the bigger your torture. Like in the days of Lot (2.Pet.2:7-9)
The Bible explains that the antichrist tries to sit as a leader to God’s people here on earth. (2.Thess.2:4) Satan works with Christian leaders. He answers their prayers and guides them to rebel in Christ’s name. (1.John 2:19, 2.Cor.11:14-15, 3.John 1:9-10; Acts 20:29; Matt.7:15)

Wolves in sheep’s clothing is an
expression created by Christ to warn
Christians (His followers) of Satan’s
tactics. The beast and harlot in
Revelation is just that, wolves in
sheep’s clothing.

Here is the simple truth: the ‘man of sin” mentioned in the bible is the Pope. He is the leader of the biggest Christian denomination and the leader of the dangerous and influential Jesuit order, which has done a lot of damage people are unaware of.
The beloved President Abraham Lincoln once said: “If the American people could learn what I know of the fierce hatred of the priests of Rome against our institutions, our schools, our most sacred rights, and our so dearly bought liberties, they would drive them out as traitors” Napoleon Bonaparte said: “The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. The chief is a general of an army not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotism – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abusers” Are they right?
The reason the Pope is explained to show himself as a god according to the prophecy, is that he has not gone full rebellion in the open. He would fool no one if he did that. He appears to honor what he is secretly attacking. He has changed God’s law and claims to represent God here on earth. While Christ confirmed the validity of the law with his death, the Pope dismissed it and presented a different one to the glory of his own claimed authority as sitting in the place of God on earth. He also claims atonement is given through the church, creating a competing system to Christ’s sanctuary. Thus, his mission is to fool people into believing his church is the sanctuary that you must attend to receive rehabilitation and atonement and that they grant people on Christ’s behalf. But in heaven, they are registered as part of Satan’s rebellion because they have replaced God’s law with their own and given mankind false terms of salvation. In addition, they have created additional laws, regulations, and ways to atone. A false gospel while at the same time claiming Christ gave them that authority, which he never did. He told them not to rule the church in that way. (Matt.10:42-43, Matt.23:8-9, 1.Tim.2:5)
The verse the Pope uses as their authority is this: “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mat 16:18).
Peter was called “a rock” (Petros), but the church was to be built on a large mass of rock (petras). The cornerstone Christ, upon the gospel Peter had just preached and all the faithful, not one man. (Matt.21:42, Rev.1:6) Peter had said: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God” and it was to that Christ said: “upon this (mass of) rock” he would build his church and “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mat 16:18) The pope has claimed to be Peters processors with the keys to hell and heaven and have tormented the churches throughout the age of Christianity with violence and deception causing millions seeking Christ to perish under a false Christ-figure and a false gospel.

The papal seal shows the “keys of
heaven and hell” and the triple
crown of blasphemy, saying their
laws are above God’s. The Pope is
the ultimate wolf in sheep’s

Their whole system is a false copycat religion of the true one. Because of that, they are severely judged in the courts of Heaven, even more so than those from other religions. Regarding the Papacy it is written: “he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws” (Dan.7:25)

The system of the papacy is the first beast of Revelation 13. Because the papacy was and still is a governmental power with influence on world leaders and its people all over the world (Rev.18:3, Rev.16:14, Rev.19:19).

The second beast of Revelation 13 is the United States and the fallen Protestantism. For they did not continue the reformation. They still keep and honor papal laws instead of God’s law and teach people to do the same. They also claim that God’s law is done away with. Therefore, they run Satan’s errands in misleading people to rebel against God under the guise of representing Christ. Showing hate for the law, the law which is Christ’s righteousness they take part in Satan’s rebellion. And so, they follow in the pope’s footsteps in distorting the truth, all in the name of Christ. They are children begotten by the Papacy. They came “out of her” only to continue in her image.
Many teach that Christ hates His Father’s law and despises those who keep it. Most Christians today do not believe God’s law is valid because of them, and so they do not repent for breaking it or seek rehabilitation for that matter. They even persecute those Christians who keep it claiming they hurt Christ by keeping God’s laws. They join in on Satan’s accusation that God’s law is unreasonable, for ‘it is impossible’ to respect. Christ is able to keep it as a human is explained away by Him not being ‘fully human’, therefore He could cheat. (2.John 1:7; 1.John 4:2) Using Satan’s argument against Christ’s right to the earth. This is the spirit of the antichrist, for by it they deny that Christ came as a complete human. (1.John 4:3) It is Satan’s arguments they are teaching. In the Bible, it is called: ‘to come in the flesh’. If Christ cheated, it mocks His testimony, His argument to represent mankind when he kept God’s law. Satan calls Christ a cheater, and the spirit of the antichrist is reflected in all those who agree with this statement. That no human is capable of keeping God’s law and therefore Christ was not fully human and cheated. (Joh.15:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21, Heb.4:15; 1.Pet.2:22) If Christ was fully human and kept it, following Christ means doing the same. The term Christian is an expression that means “to follow Christ”, or “do as Christ” (be ‘Christlike’). Ultimately this means that if Christ kept God’s law, we do not follow His lead or represent Him if we teach others to break it. (Matt.7:21-27, Matt.5:19; 1.John 2:1-4)
A true Christian therefore repents when they break God’s law and seek pardon, while a apostate Christian will blame the law and the requirement and pardon themselves.

The theology of many protestants causes many to lose Christ’s atonement because they refuse to acknowledge that they have sinned when they have broken the law. If they don’t need to keep it, if it is not even possible to keep it, then they cannot be held accountable for breaking it and thus they don’t need to ask for pardon. Usually, Protestants and evangelicals pray to God for forgiveness for only breaking parts of the law and morals in the Bible, and some for breaking Church rules and personal morals. Thus, they go in the footsteps of the Papacy. It is the same ideas and foundation, but different leaders who preach them.

Satan only needs man to rebel against one of God’s moral laws. (James 2:10) So, the law that will be enforced is a Sunday-law. The very one both the papacy, orthodox, and most protestant churches claim has replaced God’s fourth commandment. A law instituted by man and not by God. Satan picked the fourth commandment for the world to rebel against for two big reasons. It is directly tied to Satan’s main battle against God, who has the right to the planet. Many people don’t understand this battle because they do not know about the cosmic war or the significance of the fourth commandment. This again leaves them weak for deception. It’s easier to change a day, than to convince someone God wants them to kill or steal. Why attacking God’s sabbath is working so well:

  1. The understanding of why this specific law is in the moral law has been lost to most people. It does not seem important or even relevant to most people. 
    Most Christians follow the papal sabbath thinking they do Christ’s service through it. This way, Satan can get the protestants, the evangelists, the Orthodox, and the Catholics along with his plan and help him, causing great confusion. And a united Christian front against those who still honor God’s law.
  2. The second reason he chose the sabbath commandment is that this is the commandment that tells the world that the planet is not Satan’s but ultimately belongs to God and mankind to whom it was entrusted. It is a ‘loyalty’-commandment that asks you to accept God as king. It is the commandment, which if kept, is a declaration of accepting God as the lawgiver for earth. Accepting heaven’s rights as a universal court.
  3. Thirdly, it is on this specific day God grants special blessings of knowledge and spirit to His people. It is set aside for communion with God and therefore sanctifying God’s people and strengthening their bonds with heaven. This is only granted through the blood of Christ, meaning a Jew who rejects Christ will miss out on the sabbath blessing. Gods house of worship is not a building of bricks or wood, or a cathedral. God’s world works differently. God’s house of worship is His holy times, they are the house of worship. So to enter God’s house of worship you have to enter His holy times not a physical building. In fact no human was allowed to enter the ancient temple of God. Their worship and fellowship was the house of holy times. Sabbath is God’s church building. The blood of Christ is the access. This knowledge has become lost and now people treat buildings as holy, water as holy, and items as holy, but disregard that which the law claims is holy, His times of gathering.

In the war Satan fights against God, this commandment is about who has the right to judge the planet. Satan claims his right by pointing to mankind following him. God claims his right by His act as the Creator and by the blood of Christ, redeeming the human race. Christ as a human who has not rebelled, now has the claim to it by being a human as well as being the Creator of humans (Joh.1, Rev.1:18, 1.Cor.15:22-28, Rom.5:17).

The Sabbath is God’s seal, but also God’s house of
worship. God’s times are His Holy place of
gatherings, not church buildings.

Because people are not educated, even most Jews, to teach and understand the Sabbath and what it symbolizes, they fail to understand why it is a battle question in the spiritual battle. Every human who does these two things as mentioned in Revelation, who: “Keep God’s law and have the faith of Jesus”, these two together, have the right to the earth through Christ. (Rev.14:12; Rev.22:14) If Satan gets them to violate the fourth commandment, by that action alone they proclaim that God no longer has the right as lawgiver on earth and for them. They reject God’s right to judge Earth according to His law. And by doing this, they take part in the rebellion even if they think they are not. Their actions, and their hand, help the rebellion. Their words, their mentality, are in rebellion against God because they refuse to let Him be their lawgiver and thereby neither their King or government.

Satan’s Mark of the Beast law seems very noble, innocent, and even Christian-friendly. It’s a Sunday law. For the agnostic and atheists, it seems to be beneficial to the environment and family-friendly. Assigned to combat climate change, to give family time to heal and be together, and to give rest to exhausted workers, it makes sense to most people. You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate it. But part of this law, as it progresses, will be to persecute those who continue to uphold God’s law and Sabbath. If they don’t comply, they just simply lose all their rights. If you want rights, you have to part in this good and sensible peace treaty to heal the world. These Sunday laws have already, throughout time, suppressed Gods people in many different places, starting with the Roman emperor Constantine who made the first known Sunday law registered in historical records. Meaning Satan has always tried to abolish God’s Sabbath for a new day because he hates the claim made in the Sabbath law and the special bond God has with His people on this day, the day being God’s assembly.

Revelation 16 tells us about toads coming out of the atheistic, papal, and protestant governmental mouths, (in other words:) spirits. (Rev.16:14-15) Meaning they will use propaganda. The mouth represents words and legislation. Time is short, and Satan puts everything in on winning terrain before it is all over, he uses all his deceptional might. He will lie, and lie, and lie. And he will kill where he deems it necessary and do charity and good deeds where that would work to serve his purpose. He flatters those who do his bidding.

And he will, if he can, remove the Sabbath commandment from the earth as it is witnessing that the earth is Christ’s.
When Christ was on earth Satan urged people to call Him possessed, a sinner, crazy, unstable, blasphemer, a rebel, a sabbath-breaker and so on (Matt 11:19; Matt.12:24, Joh.10:20, Joh.9:24, Mark 3:21, Joh.10:33, Joh.11:48-51; Joh.9:16). Satan even fooled people into seeing and accuse Jesus of being a lawbreaker. He will give these false testimonies of Christ’s followers too if he gets the opportunity, and he uses people to do it for him. Christ’s followers will be called crazy, unstable, rebels, and possessed. (Luk 23:31, Matt.24:25; Joh.16:2-3) The government worried Christ would cause unrest and war, and so Christ’s followers might be assumed to cause the same. It does not mean it is true. Had Christ’s word been heeded, they would have had peace as a nation. And so the opposite of what they feared was the truth. And they rejected their salvation to save them selves, not understanding what the real threat was.
This has been Satan’s tactic from the beginning. To call good evil and evil good. To confuse the two. (Isa.5:20) To describe God’s followers with the characteristics of his own followers. To call those who preach the truth for Christ’s enemies or even the antichrist. He puts the accusation right back. Therefore, know that it is confusing and will continue to be until the end. The abusers will be portrayed as victims and the victims claimed to be the abusers. Even heaven struggled in the beginning because Satan used these tactics. There is a reason God lost so many of the angels and doubt and insecurity remained for a while in heaven. Lying cause confusion. (Rev.12:7-10; Joh.8:44, Gen.3:4)

All humans who are not in a close relationship with God easily become puppets in Satan’s personal vendetta against God and end up fighting God’s claim to the planet. (Luk.11:23)
In secret, he has already taken rights away from those who uphold the fourth and other commandments. They are being excluded and discriminated against by society.

In addition, God’s people will be surrounded by all kinds of bad people, who also oppose the governmental laws, making them seem like they are part of a group of disruptive and cruel people.

It is a tactic used so frequently, both today and in the past. And it is Satan’s favorite, or at least so it seems. If you want to make a group of people look bad, just have someone claim to represent them or be part of their group. Then go out and speak against the same group and they will be considered experts because they were once part of that group. Another tactic is to become part of God’s people, then proceed to commit horrible acts or act crazy. This will cause them to be feared. Then people will agree to use force on you as you are now feared to become like the extreme one. If people fear you, they will allow you to be subdued and persecuted. If people are convinced it is either you or them, they will most likely choose themselves and their families.

This is all Satan needs to do. Arrange for bad people to infiltrate the ranks of God’s people and either speak against them or do bad things in their name. Then he succeeds in people allowing Gods people to be dealt with as a threat and a danger to society.

Why is it so easy to fool you all? This is how Germany executed their holocaust on the Jews. They convinced people that the Jews were spreaders of disease and death. That they were in alliance with the enemy and could turn against them all in the midst of war, that they were trying to take over the world, and that they were a danger to world peace. Before they knew what was going on, people had been manipulated. They handed over innocent Jews who never did any of those things to the government to be placed in camps and many died. Even innocent children were not spared but viewed as an evil future threat.

Mankind is easily manipulated, and they are constantly manipulated by Satan and his angels and their governments.

Through media, music, movies, and series, Satan has worked silently to change people’s perception of things and how they react to them. He has been changing our perspective of right and wrong little by little. Programming them to do what he wants them to do when he wants them to. But although mankind is easily fooled, they’re not necessarily easily controlled. And so, even Satan has to work with constant opposition and unpredictability to some degree. When mankind first rebelled, God told them he would never allow Satan to get full control over the human mind, we would always be able to choose resistance and to choose God. (Gen.3:15, Gen.4:7; James 4:7, Rom.8, Jude 8-9, James 4:7, Ephesians 6:10-13) If we are left without a choice, then God’s judgment would not be fair. But if we have a choice, we are responsible and can be held accountable for what we choose. And so, everyone has been given the right to choose. God has protected mankind that way. And because of this, we can also be judged. (1.Cor.10:13; Gal.5:13; Jos.24:15; Mark 8:34, Rev.3:20; Isa.55:6-7; Deut.30:19)

The Mark of The Beast is something that seem so innocent as Sunday laws. In the beginning, the tree Adam and Eve ate from was just like any other tree with fruit on it. The fruit itself was not sinful, it was just fruit. But because God had made the tree a symbol of their loyalty towards Him as lawgiver, not eating, or eating of it symbolized if they were loyal to heaven or not. (Gen.2:16-17) Eating meant rejecting God as a lawgiver and God and choosing to have this position self. Man’s desire for power above respect for their Creator. “Ye shall be as gods”, her own judge.

Eating was a sign of rebellion. This is exactly the case with the Sunday laws. It’s rejecting the symbol meant to honor God as creator and lawgiver even from a time before sin existed, to a law uplifting man as the lawgiver instead.

With it comes the teaching that we evolved and were not created, that humans are the supreme gods of our world, and therefore reject God’s right as a lawgiver. And this is what the Pope did as well when he made the first Sunday laws for the Christians. He told you to choose human laws in place of and in competition with God’s laws. “On October 27, 2014, Pope Francis issued a statement at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences that “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation,” warning against thinking of God’s act of creation as “God [being] a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything.” The Sabbath is rotating testimony and confirmation of the six-day creation, and the Pope has rejected both the witness and what it witnessed of. Yet have no shame in demanding obedience to his own authority in God’s place, to his own sabbath, Sunday.

Among Satan’s lies, which is upheld even by many Jews themselves, is that the Sabbath was only given to the Jews as a people. But the Bible tells us the Sabbath was given before sin, it was a requirement to show loyalty to God even before Eve ate from tree. (Gen.2:1-3) It was the first law given to this planet, so they would not separate from their Creator. And it continued to be a law for those who wanted to give their loyalty to Him. This is why Israel in the wilderness was tested on the Sabbath, even before they got the law at Sinai or had made a covenant to be God’s priests. (Exo.16:22-23 & 28)
Israel was not given God’s moral laws, the Ten Commandments, for their own use. They were educated in God’s law that was already in existence and was asked to represent it to the world as a nation. God called his laws for “my laws” (Gen.26:5, Exo.16:28, Ezek.44:24, Exo.20:6, Deu.11:13, 2.Chro.17:19-20, Neh.1:9)
Likewise, the sabbath was not called the Jewish sabbath, but God’s sabbath. (Exo.31:13; Lev.19:3; Lev.19:30, Lev.26:43, Ezek.20:12-13; Ezek.22:8, Ezek.20:24; Ezek.44:24) But, instead of doing this, they started copying the other nations and failed to represent God according to the plan. The Jewish nation first claimed to follow God while breaking the sabbath, and after Christ, claimed to keep the sabbath while hating their God. But one can not be separated from the other as they are bound together, thus Jews still break the Sabbath to this day even while claiming to keep it. Christ is the creator and the sanctifier the Sabbath points to, and they reject Him as their Creator as well as their sanctifier.

After they rebuilt the temple, they tried to reform it but ended up doing another grievous sin. Instead of representing God’s laws and rule to the world, they claimed to be the only ones who had to keep them, as they were privileged people. And to this day they claim the Sabbath is only for them, and Christians have joined them, repeating this lie. The Sabbath was not given as a law specifically for the Jews. It was given to mankind as a whole. (Isa.56:6-7, Mic 4:2, Jer.3:17) It was already a law from creation, entrusted to them so they could teach the nations to join them in loyalty to God (Exo.19:6). Instead, they first broke it themselves, and then they falsely preached it only belonged to them and told the people of other nations they were free to break it. In both instances, they failed God in the task they had been given.

“…even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost” (1Th 2:14-16. 

Satan’s lies not only come through atheists and agnostics, but also from Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus. Satan has a lie for every personality, generation, and every belief. A lie for every desire and for every society, to gather people to act and think like him, and to rebel against God’s law so that they do not seek atonement and rehabilitation with Christ.

The ARK OF THE COVENANT discovery will be presented to the world after the Mark of the Beast law to reveal to the world that they are following a lie when they follow the commandments of man uplifting man as judge and god. To show them that the fourth commandment, as well as the others, are still valid and that we will still be judged according to them. The discovery shows the throne of the lamb because The Ark of the Covenant is a throne. It is God’s throne on earth. It is established as a throne by having a law as a foundation. It shows that CHRIST is the real king over the earth, and He has been granted the right to reclaim it by the courts in heaven.

It also shows if you want a part in Christ’s atonement, you have to repent for having broken the law in the Ark, which includes the Sabbath commandment. If you want a part in the Blood upon the Mercy Seat, you have to accept you have broken the law of God, which includes the Sabbath, and repent. The inhabitants and rebellion will be judged, and the rebels will be prosecuted.

But God loves the world so much that He’s willing to forgive everything we have done. Every blasphemous deed or word, every selfish act that has harmed both us and others. Living, trying to make people adore and worship us instead of God. Attempting to take His place and be a god ourselves. Worshipping human idols. He is willing to forgive all of it because he knows we have been misled and lied to. Even the most adored human idols are not happy people. He just needs us to choose Him, to let ourselves be rehabilitated from a corrupted and selfish lifestyle reflecting the traits and rebellion of Satan.
Many wonder why God seems to hide, and they take it as a rejection. In reality, when man sinned and God came to visit them, humans hid from Him. We started hiding first. (Gen.3:8-11) Sin causes us to hide from God, and thus God deemed it better for us if He hid from our eyes instead so we can live our lives. Fear causes us to run from Him, while the love shown through His spirit urges us to seek Him. He would rather we reach out to Him, than hide from Him. (Jer.29:13, Psal.27:8, Isa.55:6-7, Proverbs 8:17, Matthew 5:6; Hebrews 11:6)

God’s kingdom does not work as it does here, right now, where you have to be afraid, where you are forced to go against your standards to be someone in the world, and where you have to guard your children against predators. There are no wars, no nation rising against another. It is a place where you can trust everyone you meet. It is a place with unlimited resources for you to study and learn and experience what the universe has to offer. Its technology is far superior to the one we have on Earth now, just as a human being is a greater being than a human-created robot is. God’s technology does not destroy, it heals and progresses in good ways. (Job.38-39)

It is a good land, and it is good because the one who created man LOVES man. God is your Father, your Maker, your Defender, willing to fight for you and willing to suffer great loss to save you. He actually loves you. He could have judged everyone straight away, but He wanted to save instead of judging. He wanted to grant eternal life rather than giving a death sentence. He has no pleasure in anyone’s death, He wants everyone to live. (John 3:15-18) As little as you want your own child to die for disobeying you, neither does He want to see you perish (Ezek.18:31-32). He just needs us to open our eyes and see, to open our ears and actually hear and understand that we are self-destructive at this point. We have become selfish, and insensitive, harming nature, others, and ourselves. And He needs us to give Him permission to open our eyes, so we can rehabilitate instead of destroying ourselves on our road to self-elevation and recognition. (Rev.3:14-22; Isa.35:4; Isa.49:15; ISa.54, 2.Tim.3:1-9)

Christ forever gave up His original divine nature for a human body. He came in the flesh, fully human, and will be a human forever. He was like God, now his physical nature is less than even what the angels have. He is the Son of man now, a Son of those who once rebelled against Him. Because Eve tried to become like God, to elevate herself to a divine being. God willingly degraded and became a man to rescue both her and her children. There is no greater evidence that Christ is not what Satan claims he is. Satan too wanted to elevate himself, but God showed everyone that true greatness is self-sacrifice, loving and serving, not power. No one can demand adoration, it is a gift that has to be given, not something that can be stolen.

His decision to become human will mark him forever. Yet He did it to save man, to save this planet, to give it a second chance.

Like a drowning man, you need to let him save you and bring you safely to shore. He is not going to save you against your will, that is impossible. Because God’s world, in spite of Satan’s lies, is based on loyalty, love, and free will. God will never establish a kingdom here on earth where the rebels are subdued and live in suppression.
He needs you to choose Him as the leader of your own free will.

God can not force His salvation upon anyone. It is our choice to receive his help.

Because God knows that no kingdom of peace, no society of any sort, can be built on force and fear. That’s how the world operates today under Satan’s rule. Many governments rule by force and/or fear. That is why it is impossible to achieve peace on earth right now. One subdued group rises and takes control, and now their oppressors become subdued. Or the moment some groups receive rights, another loses their rights. Someone is always unhappy, because of the difference in ethics, culture, and morals. There will always be rebellion, there will always be switching of power back and forth. The oppressors become the oppressed, the victims become the abuser and the abuser becomes the victim. One leader is overthrown, but the new ones are no better, and like this, it never ends. You cannot bring peace going around in these endless circles. Everyone sees the others as the bad guys, and themselves as the good guys. But they are all both bad and good at the same time, some worse than others. But because no ruler gets followers unless he gives benefits, even an evil ruler knows how to do good deeds to get people to follow him. Every bad ruler will have plenty of good deeds to justify his actions and to establish his position. Or as the Romans said: “panem et circenses” meaning give the people circus and bread, and they will allow to be ruled and controlled.

God’s approaching kingdom on this earth is not built or structured this way. Because his kingdom is not oppressive by design. He needs you to choose Him out of love and not out of fear. So, He has taken steps back and has come with His invitation through a calm still voice of the Spirit. And if we love Him, we will respond to the calling and choose Him. If not, He allows us to reject Him. (1.King.19:11-12, 2.King.17:14; Zac.7:13, Luke 8:12)

And then when Jesus comes, He will gather those who loved Him and want His rule, respect His moral guidelines, and desire to be in His world (Psalm 33:22; Rev.21:24-7).

The others will have to be sentenced for their crimes against humanity and the heavenly laws. It will be evident how much of the suffering our selfish choices have had on society, our family, and ourselves. Man is not just judged for his actions but also for the larger impact of his actions on society. (Rev.11:18)
Some see this as a threat. However it is impossible for God to create paradise for someone who hates His rule, and so it is impossible for God to do. Secondly, when the law of our country says if we kill we have to go to prison, it is not a threat, it’s what they have to do for the sake of others and to avoid killings to continue. By his actions, the criminal forces the government to act. Such is the situation with God’s law and order as well. God has to judge with everyone’s rights in mind, not just one individual’s wish to do as he pleases.

There is eternal death, but the hell that many Christians believe in and preach is a mixture of pagan religions and biblical truth. It is the old Babylonian, Greek, and Roman doctrine Christianized. There is no forever-burning hell where those who are lost are tortured for all eternity. Satan twisted God’s word to make Him seem unreasonable, and also to get more people to rebel against Him, but he has just twisted God’s word. It is the pagan, Satan invented religions, this teaching stems from.

The penalty for choosing rebellion is death. Death is ‘to be no more’. Death is not eternal life in hell. This is just another of Satan’s lies to make you hate and dread God, another lie from the Antichrist served to believers all over the world. God accepts you saying no to him and taking your own penalty which is to cease to exist. God just don’t want you to choose this, because he wants you to exist, he wants you to see a better world. ( )

The Ark of the Covenant is God’s final call to mankind. To turn back to Him as their lawgiver. To accept the offer of life everlasting through Christs death for our sake. For God to erase all our trespasses of the law, or sin as it is called in the Bible (Col.2:14). To start over. (Joh.3:3, 1.Pet.1:23) He promises that Satan’s lies about Him is not true. (Joh.14:2 & 6) He says he is telling the truth 78 times, as recorded in the gospels. Satan’s lies are told through atheists, religious, or even Christian people. Mostly they reflect Satan’s own character, hatred, and personality traits. Many hate God because he is attributed with Satan’s traits, and if they had known the truth, they would realize that God’s enemy is the one they cannot respect.
Even what those in the church of Satan are led to believe about Satan is lies. Satan loves to make laws to subdue people and angels. He even wanted his own creator to bow down and worship him (Matt.4:9).

What Satan has accused God of being, he is himself.

Unmerciful, unreasonable, creator of oppressive laws, need of self-elevation, unwilling to sacrifice, deceptive, religious narcissist, this is Satan. And we have lived under his chaotic rule, the survival of the fittest, for quite some time now.

But this is not how God is. He was patient and kind, even to Satan, for a long time. He allowed him to speak so he could make his case. He has been patient with mankind too. He loves mankind, He has made sacrifices with eternal consequences for mankind. God is slow to wrath and His love endures. (Psalm 103:8, Exo.34:6-7, Lam.3:22, Joel 2:3, Jonah 4:2, 2.Pet.3:9, James 1:20, )

It is safe to go to Him and to choose Him. God forgave the worst king Judah ever saw, Manasseh when he cried to the Lord and he gave him a second chance. (2.Ch.33:11-13, 2.King.24:3) Paul persecuted God’s people, put them in prison, and even led them to their deaths. God forgave him and let him see the wonders in heaven and be one of Gods leading evangelizers. (1.Tim.1:15-17, Gal.1:23, Acts.22:4 ) God asks us to forgive each other too. (Matt.6:14, Matt.18:21-32) If everyone who has been wronged demands the other is to be judged, God can give mercy to no one. Our willingness to forgive each other gives God the argument to forgive us.

The last hold Satan has on anyone who is on the way to choosing God’s side is trying to tell them that they are just bad people, too “dirty for God” and that it is too late for them. That God finds them disgusting and does not want them. So, he makes them stay with him that way, claiming you and him are both hated by God and need to stick together. But it is, yet again, just another one of his lies. God is willing to forgive you and give you another chance. Because he knows what hardened your heart. He knows your history; He knows what environment you have been in. When Jesus was tortured, and mocked, when they put the nails through his hands He prayed: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” (Luk.23:34)

A lot of you know you were doing the wrong thing when you did whatever you did. But the truth goes deeper. You knew it was wrong, but do you know everything that led you to make that wrong decision? God knows. He does not excuse it, don’t misunderstand. There is no excuse for sin. But He understands the process, seeing from the beginning all the way to the end. He remembers things even you do not remember. He understands psychology and how the mind and body work better than anyone else. Every wrong decision starts long before you act out that bad deed. It starts with all the little wrong decisions, with outer pressure, with confusion, and then you find yourself weak and submissive when you are supposed to do the right thing and so you do the wrong thing. You’re still to blame but God have pity on you. Another reason we make wrong choices, is that we feel we will be subdued by other bad people and their choices if we do not rise and do it to them first. God holds us accountable just like any human court. You cannot be acquitted for breaking the law just because someone was mean to you when you were a kid or adult. You are still judged. Same with God’s court. You are held accountable for your actions regardless of your reasons for ending up in that situation or for committing it.

But when you accept accountability and ask God for another chance, He is ready to forgive you. And He can because Christ took your penalty. So, no matter who you are and what you have done, you can still come before God and ask for a new chance through the substitute blood of Christ.

And if God sees that you mean it and want rehabilitation, He will grant you forgiveness. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mat 11:28). 

But these moments we are in right now, are the last time the door of mercy will be open for mankind. Because of the global rebellion against God, and because of how God’s people are treated, it is almost all over. A cry has reached heaven. (Exo.2:23-25, Luke 18:7; Rev.6:10, Rev.18:5) Judgment is coming, and it is coming soon. The Ark discovery is God’s last calling, His last testimony to the world, witnessing of the Father and His Son’s death. Last chance to choose Him. Again, it will be your LAST CHANCE.

Your decision will have an eternal impact. Either you will inherit the earth with Christ, or you choose death.

God will not continue to sustain you so you can commit more evil acts against others, suppress others, and harm others for your own benefit or to soothe your pride or desire to elevate over others. If you are rich through others’ poverty. Almost everything we use today, from clothes, and food to technical things, has suffering behind it. He has to interfere because of the wars that will take place if he doesn’t. Wars that will change the earth forever, and put control in the hands of a few evil men and the worldwide control of citizens (Rev.18:23).
Christ is the life-giver, but if He continues to give life and sustain evil, He will be the reason that evil continues. So, He does not want to do that. He will not keep you alive so that you can sin. God and his angels are constantly working to maintain nature’s balance from being destroyed by our poisons and negative influence, they are constantly working to hold back the most devastating wars (Rev_7:1, Matt.6:25-30, Matt.5:45). He won’t continue doing this forever so that we can continue to destroy and supress each other while mocking Him. It serves no one in the long run.
Satan has no power to give life to you or take God’s place in keeping you and the planet alive. He can not create, only manipulate what is already there.

So, you choose today. The door is still open for a little while. When it closes no one will know it.

Get ready for complete chaos when God withdraws His Spirit and allows the world to see what happens without His loving hand protecting it. When His angels are no longer told to intervene to stop wars or evil acts. Then you’ll see just how much good God has contributed to the world’s peace. But He will not continue when the world chooses rebellion after having been presented with the facts and the offer, and then rejecting God’s stretched-out hands to follow the doctrines of Satan and his likes. God will withdraw his spirit. He has already, in places that has had a great light yet rejected Him.
Jesus said “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Mat 24:14). 

So, choose today whose side you are on. On Heaven’s side or the rebellion led by Satan.

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