Mark Of The Beast series

BOOK 1 : What You Need To Know Before The Mark Of The Beast Law

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At creation, God said that man was to rule over the beasts but in the last book of the bible, we see beasts rule over man. What does it symbolize?
Is Religion the cause of all wars? What do irreligious and religious governments have in common when fighting the minority? What does God say the problem is and how to solve it? What is “sin” and what is the reason why the world got into the state it is in? How are all world conflicts throughout time tied to the last conflict of the Mark of the Beast? In order to not find yourself aiding in the making of the image and mark, this is an important study. Read the PDF here

159 pages (A5)


BOOK 2: What is the deal with Sunday laws?

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This book deals with the topic of Sunday laws, why it’s related to end-time events as well as Biblical history. It takes us back to the religion of Babel which has continued as a competition to the God of the Bible to this very day. The book of Revelation tells God’s people in the end days to separate from all of Babel’s sins. Here we look at the base of the Babylonian religion still practiced by Christians today and what a true reform looks like according to the Bible. Even more so, how it’s all related to Sunday laws. Read the pdf here

363 pages (A5)