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Until now I have made a few questions episodes, however, I would like to do an audio/video just replying to comments and other questions.
It won’t be an episode like the others. Perhaps just a still photo, unless I need to show an illustration or image to explain something.

When I have at least 10 questions/comments I will sit down and make it straight away.

You can write your question anonymous or with your name (if you use your name let me know if I can use your question with it or not) in the comment section below here.

Or even better, send me an audio or a video clip with your question/comment to my email: 

You can ask about the Ark of the Covenant theology, theology in general, excavations, biblical archeology, people who have said this and that, the man Ron Wyatt, me and my personal experience or anything else you might think of that is relevant.

If you don’t see your comment below straight away, it’s because it has to be approved first.

I also think it would be interesting to do a podcast type of thing where we can talk about things related to this topic. If you feel you have something to contribute that could be published I appreciate if you’d like to consider this. Contact me!


  1. Hi, I was just wondering about the way they brought Jesus after the trial at Pilatus’ place. There is the ‘official’ version with via Dolorosa and all that, but… Do you maybe have an idea about this?

  2. Hello, I read somewhere that the ark of the covenant probably got destroyed by the the babylon army when they invaded Jerusalem? Could that have happen? How do you know that the ark Ron Wyatt found is not a replica?

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