We look at the amazing time prophecy in the book of Daniel and looking at the similarities between the Ark Of The Covenant and Christ. Also looking into the end of the 2300 mornings and evenings. Is the time prophecies connected to the feast days?

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  1. Hi Again, another question…..where do you find in schrifturen that Yesua’s ministry was 3,5 years?
    I vind this no where….but see that the the ram was always a year old which was to be slaughtered and Yeshua read Himself in the synagouge from Is:61:1-2a I only see that His ministry must have been 1 year. ALso he fullfilled the spring feasts and was Born on Sukkot for shadowing the fall feasts….het stood up on Hannukah and said I AM the Light of the world….To me it doesn’t make sence to do this in 3 and a half years….If He came to fullfill why do it within a 3 year time range?

    Looking forward to your answer;-)

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