THE ARK AND THE BLOOD – The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant


  1. Jack Barrett

    I’ve just discovered this awesome site. I have a question in re: The Discovery Of The Ark video. Who is the narrator on this video? The voice sounds familiar.

    • That would be me (the person behind the website and books here) and I’m not a known person. The only place my voice is heard is on other seminars on my youtube channel.

      • Jack Barrett

        Thanks! (I apologize, Im only just seeing this.) I am something of a linguist, (because of all extensive travel), and am intrigued by the diction. Normally, I can identify accents and dialects down to region, but yours is extraordinary! Thanks again.

    • Jd Here

      She sounds like Gail Porter. An investigator on Dead Famous.

  2. so glad to find this page….. looking everywhere to find the second book you mentioned in your video…. something like abbado?

  3. Pamela Evakich

    What did the high priest do on the day of atonement if the ark was hidden?

    • In the book of Ezekiel was it speaks of the rebuilding of a temple the Ark of the Covenant isn’t mentioned. Instead, instructions to build a table to place in the holiest are given.
      See Eze. 41:22 & 44:16 Many believed they had such a golden table there instead of the Ark. On the triumph relief in Rome where the destruction of the second temple is depicted, you can see the soldiers carrying away the menorah and a table that doesn’t match the dimension of the table of show-bread (The table mentioned in Ezekiel is 3 feet high and 2 feet wide more fitting with the item depicted on Titus’ arch. While the table of show-bread was 1,5 feet high and 2 feet long) The item of this relief depicts the capture of temple furniture and could, therefore, be the table placed in the holiest. The way they carry it and it being part of the “big triumph” makes it an important item, and it doesn’t match the description of the other items in the temple. To see the photo of the victory arch visit here:

      Other theories:
      Some tradition says they only raised the floor in the most holy were the Ark had stood and that was it. According to the Jewish Mishna during the second temple period the Foundation Stone was in the most holy and the priest placed the censer there on the Day of Atonement.

      So basically we don’t know anything for sure.

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