Ron’s discoveries: Beyond doubt

Are they meant to remove all doubt?

Ron Wyatt claimed that remains could be found of Noah’s ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, remains of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea and evidence of the real Mount Sinai. He also claimed to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant with Christ blood on the mercy seat in a cave underneath the crucifixion site in Jerusalem. All of these discoveries, except the Ark of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt provided sufficient evidence and did a thorough investigation including analyzes, scanning, documenting the remains in different ways and methods. He provided more evidence then many scientists and or archaeologists do with discoveries they make public and are accepted. But no matter how much evidence he provided, people were very eagerly trying to explain them away. No matter how much he presented, it was never enough. Most decided that this had to be untrue without even investigating the evidence provided. Why were even Christians hostile and reluctant to even investigate these claims properly? However when some men came with a false statement or false claim against Ron they believed them without proof and without hesitation. Suddenly they didn’t need evidence to believe something. As long as it was against Ron Wyatt. One book that was published against Mr.Wyatt was full of lies and misinformation yet people just believed what it said without blinking and definitely without investigating.
But let’s state the fact. A lot of those actually believing Ron Wyatt didn’t investigate thoroughly either, they just accepted it as authentic right away. Not everyone, many did thorough research, but I would dare say the majority excepted it fairly easy. Or they believed others who had investigated. One might wonder why this was the case.
It was clear that evidence was NOT the major factor in people either receiving or rejecting these discoveries. There was something else that was the biggest determining factor. And it’s fascinating, so we are going to look at that.

One of God’s greatest challenge in reaching out to people with a message is peoples expectations and their prejudice.
Still we never really see God adjust His messengers or messages because of this. Instead, God asks us to change our attitudes and our expectations.
The reasons many want the truth to be a lie and the lie to be the truth is because the truth often demands something we don’t want to give. A change, a loss, a cross. And so when presented with the truth we try to find a way out or someone who can tell us it isn’t so, then we don’t have to make that change, suffer that loss or carry that cross. All of God’s revelations to man have the same message that provokes: “turn ye”. And remember in the Bible this message is repeatedly given to God’s own people, they who claim to worship Him. And that is why Gods messengers were persecuted and killed by their own people from the time of Cain and Abel to our very own time.

Example of this selective perception of documentations are families where there have been incest and the majority in the family refute the victims claim. And the victim becomes the outcast. The impact of it being true is too great for them to handle and so they decide, they fool themselves to believe, that the victim is the liar. Same happens sometimes with parents who have children who go to prison. They refuse no matter how much evidence, to believe that their son is guilty of that crime. Some close their eyes completely to their own children’s sins only able to see an angel, because they can’t handle it is different. We see what we want to see.

If God gives a message through someone from what you consider is the wrong church, for instance, it demands perhaps an investigation of your own belief which you are not willing to consider if you have too much invested in that faith. A lot of the time it happens subconsciously. What we experience when confronted with something can be an uncomfortable feeling or a feeling something is wrong and then we use those emotions to reject the message given. Thinking a bad feeling proves the message isn’t of God. But the emotions can be tied to a burden one feels subconsciously
comes with it. The acknowledgment of being wrong in something for instance. Or that we have to give up on something or even someone. And so when we get that bad feeling or alarm that goes off inside us, instead of trying to understand ourselves we reject the message and the messenger that made us feel that way. A physiological study showed multiple pictures to a test group where they were to say whom they felt were more trustworthy and the test people pointed out to the person looking most like themselves. The more familiar something sounds or seem the safer it feels, but this type of safety might have nothing to do with the truth. It’s important to know and understand ourselves as well as others.
One of the reasons Ron Wyatt was rejected so easily was that the God they felt they knew wouldn’t use someone from that church. Or they didn’t like his profession or that he didn’t have the right titles and friends.
But let’s go into the Bible.

Who gave the message of Christ birth?

– A young girl who was pregnant before being married, that probably seemed suspicious.
– Foreigners
– Shepherds
– An old female prophet
– An old man.

Who didn’t proclaim Christ first coming at His birth?
– The majority of God’s people
– The leaders of God’s people
– The scribes and priests of God’s people

Who first gave the message of Christ being the Messiah? John the Baptist, an uneducated man in the worldly sense, an unauthorized lay-worker, a fisherman and a Samaritan woman. They were among the first to testify.

Why does God do it this way? Why not give a vision to the most influential leader and priest at that time? Because their hearts were not right with God. They were not open, and they were misrepresenting Him.
Convincing man of the truth was not done on the cost of righteousness.
Jerusalem was supposed to be the light to shine into the world, yet the light of the birth of their Messiah was given to them by foreigners. THEY were supposed to be light to other nations. But instead, foreigners had to give THEM the light. This wasn’t God’s original plan. But it’s what happened because the inhabitants in Jerusalem wasn’t following God’s lead.

Yet still today man, more than ever, look for God’s messages from their leaders, priests and from the majority. In spite of the many testimonies in the Bible on how God does things we have still not learned or given up these ideas.

The discoveries of Ron Wyatt have been rejected on basis of the same type of arguments. Why haven’t the majority received it? Why didn’t God pick a professional archaeologist from a highly acknowledged Christian university? Surely more people would have received it if He had. Why do so few men with impressive degrees and titles receive it?

It’s clear that if God wanted to remove all doubt He could easily have done it. But God isn’t busy proving His existence, He could easily do that in one day. He could send visible angels or even let the world hear His voice. He could show Himself. He could take control over the whole earth in a second.
Guys, God is testing people, not proving to them His existence beyond doubt.
The only way God can do this is to do things in an educational way, I am not talking about worldly education, but spiritual biblical education.
God wants to teach us to be good people and to listen to the Spirit and to trust Him even when we don’t see the beginning till the end. This kind of trust is not worldly wisdom, I know. You will only find this advice in the Bible. If you don’t trust God, the idea of trusting Him can make you go crazy. Because we humans usually want full control over everything in our life.

One example is the greatest event that ever took place on earth. And that is the resurrection of Christ . Nothing would seem more important then for His disciples to see him risen so they could witness it?
But Jesus waits with the evidence of His resurrection, the physical manifestation, and uses the opportunity to teach them some valuable lessons first.

According to the gospel of John, Mary, John, and Peter all run to the tomb. Jesus is present in the Garden at that time but waits until John and Peter leave where He then right after show Himself to Mary to tell her to tell them he had risen. Why didn’t He show Himself instantly to all three? Why wait till two of them leave and then tell the third to tell the other two He has risen? Why deliberately wait until the two most respected and blessed disciples leave? Mary is given the first mission of proclaiming His resurrection to His followers. She does and they don’t believe her.
Christ knew this would happen. God wanted them to believe not just by physical evidence, but also by faith and by believing testimonies. God didn’t want them to end in a situation where they believed they needed not listen to others less important than themselves. He then scolded them for not believing the women’s testimonies.

The same day He comes as a stranger and walks with two of the apostles. He could just show Himself instantly but He doesn’t. Instead, He starts teaching them from scripture why it happened the way it did. He was a stranger, they had been the apostles of Christ . Shouldn’t they know things better than this stranger? Would they receive him? These disciples passed the test and invited the stranger in to hear more and then, first then, did Christ manifest Himself to them.
God tested them, first with a woman and then a stranger. God hasn’t changed since then. He is the same as always. And He doesn’t reward arrogance.

God has provided many pieces of evidence of the truth concerning the discoveries of Ron Wyatt. But many will not receive Christ lessons together with them.

Those who refuse to believe will not believe no matter how much evidence is presented. Jesus raised the dead, healed the sick, drove out demons, silenced storms, fed thousands, yet they came up to him and said: show us a sign so we can believe. There is no help in additional signs or evidence if they don’t receive those already given. This is what the devil did to Christ in the wilderness to test Him. God’s voice had just said to Jesus in the presence of the Holy Spirit: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.» But when the devil approached him he wanted Jesus to change the stones into bread in order to get his evidence that he was, in fact, the son of God. Jesus would not do this because it would mean doubting the evidence God had already given Him. Jesus would not ask for an additional sign to prove He was God’s Son. He would ask for signs to convince others, but not to convince Himself. Jesus trusted God.
The same with the discoveries. Once the evidence has been presented and the Holy Spirit has witnessed of them if we still ask for more as a condition to believe we are disregarding the witness of the Holy Spirit. If everytime we are presented with the evidence and we annul it looking for another, we will never be satisfied. Like the Scribes, Saducees, and Pharisees, we will never have that evidence that silences our doubt. It’s like giving food to someone who takes a bite, gulps it up and throws it away and then accuse you of not feeding him and asks for more. God can give more evidence, Jesus had many proofs that He was the Son of God that was given Him after the temptation. But these pieces of evidence were given in faith, additional evidence to already received evidence. It wasn’t evidence given to test the former evidence. Do you understand the difference? It’s very important to understand the difference between the two. For one is the reward for the man acting on the light God has already given, to bless others. The other is a temptation of the devil leading us only to continue doubt until it develops into despair and rejection.
When Christ hung on the cross they said they would believe only if Christ saved Himself from the cross, and stepped down from it. Had Christ granted them their condition to believe there would have been no atonement. For we are saved by Christ staying on that cross. This shows us the absurdity when we want to decide the terms of our faith. And especially from those who have already rejected and disannul the evidence that has already been given.

In the discoveries of Ron, enough evidence had been presented for a person to go to God. God’s physical evidence is not meant to remove all doubt, they cannot. Doubt is a choice, and man will always find a way to doubt if he chooses to do so. He can believe lies and reject any information that comes his way. It’s like the flat-earthers. There are so many overwhelming evidence that the earth is a globe, so many witnesses, all over the world. You can even measure it yourself with a powerful enough laser or with a drone. You can even send a camera high enough yourself if you have the money. You can send these people up into space and they would still claim the earth isn’t round. If someone has decided not to believe something, evidence has little effect.
God will not send His messages through people just because of their positions and titles. He never has in the past. He chooses the faithful. If it’s a young girl, a foreigner, an old man or lady or even shepherds. He chooses the ones that are open and we are responsible for how we receive His messengers. Sometimes the final proof doesn’t come until we have passed God’s test.
For God isn’t really trying to prove His existence but to develop your character. Are you proud or humble? Do you listen to the Spirits guidance or walk in your own righteousness?
John the Baptist was not trained at any schools, he had not received his authority from man, he had a crazy diet and unusual clothing. And he was only 30 years young. Yet in order to be prepared to receive Christ God’s people of that time had to put their prejudice aside and be willing to listen to what he had to say. It was the Holy Spirit that drove man to John the Baptist. And those who refuted the Holy Spirit would not listen to Him.
God’s people had to then, and still do, learn to use scripture and Gods laws and instructions, God’s past methods and messages, to value if something and if someone has a message from God or not.
As we saw, Christ priorities the teaching of His scripture and even testing their willingness to listen to a stranger and being hospitable and kind, before showing Himself risen to the two apostles.
Let us learn from Christ example and approach. And take heed of what He feels is important to teach us at this time.

If you are wondering if the discoveries of Ron Wyatt are of God you don’t have to wait for further evidence. It’s your privilege to go to God today and ask Him, and He will show you enough evidence for you to be convinced. He then waits to see if you will act on the light given and share with others before He gives you additional light and evidence. This is how it’s been done in the past as revealed in the Bible.
In regards to the Ark of The Covenant and the ten commandments and Christ blood being shown to the world. Many will not accept this evidence when it’s shown. They will explain it away or even call it a deception of the Devil. Why? Because they don’t like the message that comes with it. They don’t want to change. And this is why people throughout all ages have refused to listen to God’s messengers- and God’s manifestations. If they called Jesus of the devil, a demon-possessed crazy person and then killed Him, then they will have no problem doing the same with any evidence that witness of the same Man. Be true to God, trust God, be strong and independent and study everything, try everything with the word of God. For evidence can lie, people can lie, but you can trust the Bible, the word of God. Nowhere does the Bible warn against the message of these discoveries or these type of discoveries. Rather the other way, both the messenger and message fits perfectly with Gods ways of doing things as revealed in Scripture, His methods and it bears the very same message He has preached to man throughout ages. And that message doesn’t lead us into perdition but to salvation.



  1. Andrea Freeland

    I’ve been a follower of this page for a while now and I’ve only now just been able to read this particular article. I am in tears. It is so full of wisdom from the Lord. There is so much written here that I have already personally witnessed in my own walk with The Lord and was not able to quite put it to words. You have done that in several of your statements in this article alone. This is truly biblically and Holy Spirit lead. My heart has been touched deeply today, ministered to, encouraged, challenged and just left hopeful and pointing straight to
    Jesus. I am excited to see what God is doing and will continue to do. I see now that it was no accident how I “stumbled” across a video one about a year ago of Mr Wyatt’s claim. I cried my eyes out as I began to do more and more research on his claim and cane across the short video of the cross, earthquake and blood falling through the earthquake crack onto the Mercy Seat. I just cried and cried and a year later, I’m STILL sitting here in tears. Tears of such gratitude and awe that God would orchestrate this so perfectly. I don’t need “evidence” when the claim lines right up with scripture. I have no problem believing Mr. Ron. And as I’ve studied this past year, there’s something so precious about him, so genuine when I hear him speak. I just love to hear him talk. I have watched his videos over and over. The one thing that is evident to me is that his speeches always point in one very crucial direction and that is to Jesus!
    Thank you again for keeping this site going!
    The Lord bless and keep you! That He will perfect that which concerns you!

    • Thank you for the comment and for sharing your testimony. I agree with you. Ron helped me “see” Christ by pointing to Him in a loving way and I am grateful for God sharing these things with all of us!


    Just last week I discovered that, about the time you were publishing this web page and video, here, a very upset PhD candidate and “professional” archaeologist was blasting away — wildly and frantically, even to the point of contradicting himself — at Ron Wyatt and his re-discoveries in articles published online by Compass magazine (SDA). He would have made me angry, only, except for the obvious fact that he was pathetically uninformed, and will someday have to face the embarrassment of finally recognizing that fact. Nevertheless, I did comment on his articles. I believe that one comment using a series of Bible texts centered on the idea of being judged, yourself, by the same standard of measure one uses to judge others (hopefully, by Christ, the righteous ‘BRANCH’ or ‘scepter’ or ‘ruler’ or ‘measuring stick’) . . . was deleted by the Compass webmaster. So, I have not bothered to check on the second comment I made on the second article.

    That second comment was centered on the claim made by the angry young man that there was no good evidence for what Ron described re-discovering at Golgotha, and that the blood evidence showing only 24 chromosomes was actually disrespectful to Christ since he was ‘fully human AND fully GOD’. (Nonsense. What else is a ‘virgin birth’-child supposed to look like at the chromosome level ? Besides , Christ was a blend of both humanity and Divinity, and no ‘blend’ is ‘fully’ any one single thing. I am neither ‘fully’ my father, nor ‘fully’ my mother at the genetic level. Does that mean that I am not, still, ‘fully human’ ?)

    So, in my response I pointed out that the Plan of Salvation described throughout the Bible involves 2 types of ‘births’, one dealing with flesh-reproduction but the other with neural-reprogramming, simply ‘by beholding’, and both types of ‘birth’ were represented by the crucifixion scene that Ron Wyatt found and described as existing at the right side of the ‘place of the skull’. And, I said that the best evidence to come out most recently in support of Ron Wyatt’s Golgotha re-discoveries is coming from neuroscience discoveries regarding the second type of ‘birth’ involved in the ‘Plan of Salvation’ that have focused on locations located deep within the right side of every human ‘place of the skull’, and that this latest information in defense of the Golgotha scene Ron described is apparently not yet even acknowledged, enjoyed and used by Ron’s own family and friends.

    Again, the great irony is that it has recently been discovered by neuroscientists that probably never heard of Ron Wyatt’s Golgotha re-discoveries that, as a nurse-anesthetist, Ron Wyatt dealt specifically with this same area of the brain (An area that is illustrated parable-fashion by the location of Gordon’s Golgotha on maps of ancient Jerusalem, AND by the arrangement of the cross and Ark, deep and deeper ‘within’ Mt. Moriah at the right side of the skull face.) every single time he administered anesthesia to a surgery patient in order to earn more money to research and search at the Golgotha-scene which illustrated the working arrangement of that same part of the human brain he dealt with in surgery patients. . . yet Ron died just as the newest information about this part of every human brain began to be publicized !

    Similar scanning technologies to those which Ron used to search deep within the Earth were also being developed in the 1970s and 80s, called ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging’. (As an electrician working for my father’s contracting business I remember that one of his lead electricians helped install one of the new ‘MRI’ machines for a hospital in the early 1980s.) It took a while, but by the late 1980s and early 90s I believe MRI technology had rapidly advanced to “functional MRI’ (fMRI) allowing scientists and doctors to quickly and repeatedly scan the brains of living, conscious humans across a period of time, enabling 3-D imagery, while exposing them to various questions and pictures in order to ‘map’ out the functions of the long-hidden inner brain lobes. They found that these deeply hidden original brain lobes handled the moral-immoral e-motivations — like love–hate, lust–disgust, pride–humility, guilt–at-one-ment, trust–distrust, . . . indignation and both physical pain and the pain of being shunned, of social exclusion. So when Jesus sung out Psalm 22 , ‘My God ! My God ! Why have you forsaken Me ? ! ‘, expressing both the extreme pain of being shunned by His Father, and of indignation, from a location deep within the excavated ‘Mount of seeing Yahh’ (In the place that Abraham saw as ‘Jehovah Jireh’, saying, ‘In the mountain of the Lord it will be seen.’) that same area of Christ’s right-side inner brain illustrated by the location of His cross in relation to the skull face, and Golgotha in relation to Jerusalem, was very active, and would have ‘lighted up’ intensely, if scanned in a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner (fMRI). This area of His inner brain was so very active with the pain due to being shunned by God, that Ellen wrote that He had to actually revive to a sense of mere physical suffering in order to realize, and to express, ‘I thirst.’ Then He died of a broken heart — the ‘heart’ in the chest — caused by mental anguish. This area in the ‘heart’ of the brain is also closely-connected to the ‘heart’ in the chest, and especially in people with high ’empathy’ levels, such as Jesus had, being greatly ‘touched with the feeling of our infirmities’, as He still is.

    Someday I dream of all the Ron Wyatt family and friends putting aside all differences and moving forward together in pursuing the Golgotha re-discoveries of Ron Wyatt until no more ‘types’ are involved in their explanations and defenses of those re-discoveries. The cry of Jesus, “It is finished.” leaves no more room for unexplained symbols, types and artifacts. This is true, especially, when more and more information illustrating the ‘new birth’ part of the Plan of Salvation described by Jesus to Nicodemus in the same conversation involving His crucifixion — information in harmony both with Ron’s Golgotha re-discoveries AND in harmony with Ron’s occupational involvement with the hidden brain while applying anesthesia — has been steadily piling up for years, unrecognized, and unused, since just before Ron died .

    This does not necessarily mean that all of the former videos and explanations must be trashed. NO ! It just means that updates need to be made, and anything that disagrees with the latest information regarding the ‘New Birth’ resulting from the Golgotha scene Ron described, may need to be amended. The blood evidence is great, but that deals most obviously with merely the first ‘birth’ involved with the Plan of Salvation. God was ‘born’ into fallen human flesh in order to be safely visible and familiar to human eyes connected to that inner brain ‘heart’ by the ‘mirror neurons’ located there, in order that the ‘re-programming’,of the ‘character’ of that ‘heart’ may once again be ‘re-conceived’ into reflecting that of the heart of God. . . . As the Bible says, simply ‘by beholding’ the crucifixion of Christ — with empathy leading to a truer understanding of God — we sinners may become ‘changed’ back into His image, or ‘re-born’, even as the Spirit of God moves back onto His rightful ‘throne’ located deep within the right side of our brains. A ‘throne’ which neuroscientists now recognize to be the ‘seat’ of all human behavior, and possibly of consciousness, itself.

    (‘Self’ and Satan must move off of that driver’s ‘seat’ of human behavior, that ‘throne’, and ‘self’, submitted to the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit, must replace those former occupants for the Plan of Salvation to be completed through a response to ‘beholding’ the cross of Christ. So far Ron, his family and friends have been focused heavily on the first birth required in the ‘Plan’, but less so on the ‘response’-birth, the second birth in that ‘Plan’. This lack regarding the second birth is no longer necessary, given all of the latest corroborating neuroscience information that has come out to explain it since Ron died. )

    Again, there are even more new points of evidence now available from neuroscience these days to support Ron’s Golgotha description than Ron had accumulated before he died. Now there is more than merely evidence of Christ’s ‘virgin birth’
    — the first ‘birth’ required in the Plan of Salvation — there is also now scientific evidence confirming the second required ‘new birth’ response located deep in the heart of the right brain of sinners
    — a ‘birth’ process also illustrated by Ron’s description of Golgotha-scene — that occurs deep in the ‘heart’ of the beholder of the crucifixion scene. Again, a scene which also illustrates the God-desired ‘second birth’-results of God’s sacrifice of Christ as those results occur in the empathetic ‘beholder’ . . . .

    And this is just as Jesus described the maternal-labor-free, ‘flesh’-free ‘born again’ process to Nicodemus, as involving His crucifixion. Isaiah 66 : 7 describes this same ‘labor-less’ birth of a ‘re-memory’ process — Hebrew verb ‘zakar’, wrongly translated as merely the noun ‘manchild’ in the KJV. So Nicodemus as a ‘Teacher in Israel’ made the same mistake as the KJV translators of Isaiah 66 : 7 in focusing merely on DNA-flesh ‘birth’ — “Can a man re-enter his mother’s womb when he is old ?”. The same Hebrew verb, ‘zakar’, is in Exodus 2O : 8, “Zakar the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” With this verb translation of ‘zakar’ as ‘remember’, the opening of Isaiah 66 regarding God’s ‘Jerusalem’ ‘house’ agrees with ‘memory’ in pointing attention to a certain place in the human brain as God’s ultimately-desired location for a ‘3rd’, or ‘last’, or ‘ultimate’ ‘temple’. As Ellen wrote on DA161 :

    “In the cleansing of the temple, Jesus was announcing His mission as the Messiah, and entering upon His work. That temple, erected for the abode of the divine Presence, was designed to be an object lesson (‘TYPE’) for Israel and for the world. From eternal ages it was God’s purpose that every created being, from the bright and holy seraph to man, should be a temple for the indwelling of the Creator. Because of sin, humanity ceased to be a temple for God. Darkened and defiled by evil, the heart of man no longer revealed the glory of the Divine One. But by the incarnation of the Son of God, the purpose of Heaven is fulfilled. God dwells in humanity, and through saving grace the heart of man becomes again His temple. God designed that the temple at Jerusalem should be a continual witness to the high destiny open to every soul. ” . . . . And this real, anti-typical, fulfilled-object-lesson ‘Jerusalem’-style ‘heart’ or ‘soul’-‘temple’ has now been discovered by neuroscientists deep in the right side of every human skull.

    This ‘Jerusalem’ brainscape is the true and final ‘3rd Temple’ described in the Bible, meaning that the whole area of Jerusalem has always been a theatrical teaching parable for explaining the Plan of At-one-ment–peace with God that is centered and accomplished through the ‘eyes and heart’ of the head, just as God told Solomon that His own ‘eyes and heart’ would always be focused on Jerusalem’s Temple, just dedicated by Solomon (see II Chronicles 7:16) . . . but only as long as the eyes and hearts of His people remained focused on their God. And, both the ‘eyes and heart’ are very-closely connected with the only recently explored and finally understood ‘heart’ of every human brain that Ron Wyatt also dealt with in administering anesthesia, called the ‘Island of Reil’, or ‘Insula’, which is also closely connected with Anterior Cingulate (or ‘girdling’) Cortex — just as the ‘mercy seat’ ‘covers’ and ‘girdles’ the ‘Ark’ — located even deeper within the same area of every human brain. So, there is absolutely no need to fight for ownership of merely ‘typical’ Jerusalem landscape for rebuilding a Temple of stone, that is already owned by every human in their antitypical brainscapes made of ‘flesh’ ! Nor is there any reason to desire the merely ‘typical’, ‘object lesson’ ‘Ark’. . . it is just a very expensive gold artifact, holding very precious real blood, and very valuable information melted — ‘characterized’ — into stone by the finger of the Owner of the Blood. What matters most now, is the ‘cleansing’ of the human soul-temple by the shed blood of a dead Savior, who rose again to ‘characterize’ His own heart-character onto our own ‘hearts’ of flesh through neural re-programming — ‘re-memory’ — before taking us home to ‘Our Father, Who is in Heaven. . . .’ Just as Jesus said in Luke 17:20-21, this God-desired, anti-typical, new, Jerusalem-‘kingdom of God’, is invisible, and is located ‘within you’. . . just as the crucifixion-scene and ‘footstool’ on Earth of God’s Throne in Heaven were ‘invisible’ and waiting for Ron Wyatt to be ‘anesthetized’ — unconscious — when he had finally re-discovered them ‘within’ Mt. Moriah, the ‘Mount of seeing Yahh’. (The right insula is also the first area of the human brain to mature, ready for programming, in the human brain while still in the womb, and is now believed to be the center of consciousness, itself. . . far too many ‘coincidences’ to brush aside ! ! !

    So now we are able to ‘remove’ even more, and more, and more . . . obscuring ‘types’ or ‘object lessons’ from the scene that Ron described finding at Golgotha — NOT by discarding them, but by explaining them even more clearly so we can ‘see through them’ to what God ultimately had in mind . . . ! ( The old ‘Doctor Books’ with overlapping transparencies of human anatomy come to mind.)

    But who cares about this further, deeper information regarding the Cross of Christ ?
    That is the question I have not yet found the answer to, neither in my own church, nor out of it, nor among Ron’s family and friends. I don’t know how to explain this unexplainable reluctance to move forward, to grow in understanding . . . but it truly gives me a taste of understanding ’empathy’ with Jesus, when even He — the Son of God — struggled to explain the Plan of Salvation to Nicodemus — a ‘Teacher in Israel’ — and to His own 12 select students.

    ~ ~ ~ Please God, let somebody else finally recognize the still-growing pile of unused evidence from the latest neuroscience discoveries that now confirm dead Ron’s description of the bloody scene at the right side of Golgotha . . . and use it, publicize it . . . because after 16 years and more of trying, I’m simply NOT succeeding here at this ‘dig’ project, while I’m getting closer and closer to the grave, myself ! Amen ! ~ ~ ~

    I can only dream of meeting with Ron Wyatt, face-to-face, to show him what he just missed by dying in 1999. This was at the same time I was about to become intensely interested in comparing Bible ‘maps’ with human anatomy ‘maps’, leading to the discovery that ‘limestone’ ‘Jerusalem’ looked a lot like the ‘gray matter’ right insula of the human brain, just before information about that ‘insula’ began being published in news stand articles, books and the internet describing its fascinating Gospel-significant functions. And then I’d love to see the look on Ron’s face when he learns that he was dealing with that same Golgotha scene — not in mere ‘type’, but in real ‘anti-type’ — every time he anesthetized a patient, or told an empathetic listener what he re-discovered deep at the right side of Gordon’s Golgotha, or when he, himself, ‘passed out’ in the cave with the Ark upon recognizing that once-scarlet ‘Zerah’ blood at the other end of that ‘Perez’ crack in the brainy Jerusalem ‘Meleke’ limestone directly beneath the Cross and above the Ark ! This is the same ‘Zerah’ and ‘Perez’ theme found in the real stories of Judah and Tamar, and Rahab who married into the Line of Perez, and Achan , who ended the line of Zerah. . . and people dare say there is little or no evidence to prove Ron Wyatt’s Golgotha ‘claims’ ? ! Such people are simply not ‘beholding’ !

    If it will come through, here is the internet link to a 3-year-old scientific paper regarding anesthesia and that part of the long-hidden brain :

  3. OH Denis
    i hope i get to read your full comment sometime! There is so much there.

  4. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the blood certificate……

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