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interactiveExplore the Sanctuary in real time !

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Short bonus videos

A short film about the Ark of the Covenant and what happened to it. (Intro to movie The Ark, The Blood and The King’s Seal.)

Why did both blood and water come from Christ side and what part of the law did that fulfill?

Where did the Ark stand in the sanctuary and when was it taken away?

Crucifixion Scene in 3D with music

Ark files intro / Trailer



Archeology in the Middle East and the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

What happend to the Ark of the Covenant?

The Garden Tomb exposed.

What route did Jesus take to Golgotha? Not knowing for sure we make a suggestion on how it could have happened.

The discovery of the Ark happened on a historical date in Bible history To read more click here or on the photo.

Was the secret of Golgotha inside the Ark of the Covenant? To read more click here or on the photo.

The Ark And The Plagues The book of revelation tells us about the Ark and the plagues. To read more click here or on the photo.

THE THREEFOLD MEANING OF THE SABBATH What is the real meaning behind the fourth commandment written on the law and placed inside the Ark of The Covenant? To read more click here or on the photo.

Could there be a prophecy or even a clue in the story of King Joash and the events that lead to him being crowned as king? To read more click here.

Comparing Jerusalem’s destruction with the end time as seen in the book of Revelation. What can this parallel story tell us about our own time? To read more click here.