Why Christ had to die & Ark discovery (Ark Files short)

Why did Christ have to die to save us? Couldn’t God just have pardoned us ? Is the law abolished? This clip is from the Ark Files movie “King’s Seal” See it here: https://youtu.be/AyolHHAQhCs

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  1. Robert Brown

    In 1982 there was no internet. At that time the Jews hid the discovery and the SDAs scoffed and denied the discovery. But now because of the internet the discovery can no longer be hidden or denied. It proves God’s Son shed His blood to satisfy the demands of the Law of Love that God might be both Just and the Justifier of those with faith in Jesus.

    Just as God sent an earthquake to expose the Ark to the sprinkling of the blood by the true High Priest offering up Himself and His blood as the atonement for sin …….. God will send another earthquake to expose the true location of the Ark and what Christ did there. Will it occur before or after probation?

    It wii occur at the end of probation to confirm and strengthen the faith of the remnant who worship at the true Altar from those who must stand before the Judge without a Mediator. Then the Ark will be seen at the seventh trumpet when probation has closed, (Revelation 11:19). Those who hid the discovery and those who denied it will then answer for their sins.

    All except the Apostles could only see the Risen Christ by faith. So too, only the remnant can see by faith what happened at Golgotha. The only sign a wicked and adulteress generation will receive is the message to repent.

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