The ark files is a seminar about the Ark of the Covenant. There will be new episodes of the seminar frequently uploaded throughout 2010 and 2011. All of the topics are related to the Ark of the Covenant beginning with a “basic” introduction on this first episode. The seminar-holder has written two books on this topic however only the first book has been translated into English. These seminar contains a lot of the material from the second book. The seminar will explore all the aspects around the Biblical ark all the way to the book of revelation and the mention of it there. It will also look into the claim that it has been found.The last decade many have claimed to have found it or know of it’s whereabouts. Has it really and how can we know who is telling the truth? Can the Bible expose the “fake” claims?



    I found this piece of history concerning Julian the apostate in wilkipedia which relates to an attempt to rebuild a third temple.

    In 363, not long before Julian left Antioch to launch his campaign against Persia, in keeping with his effort to foster religions other than Christianity, he ordered the Temple rebuilt.[115] A personal friend of his, Ammianus Marcellinus, wrote this about the effort:

    Julian thought to rebuild at an extravagant expense the proud Temple once at Jerusalem, and committed this task to Alypius of Antioch. Alypius set vigorously to work, and was seconded by the governor of the province; when fearful balls of fire, breaking out near the foundations, continued their attacks, till the workmen, after repeated scorchings, could approach no more: and he gave up the attempt.

    The failure to rebuild the Temple has been ascribed to the Galilee earthquake of 363, and to the Jews’ ambivalence about the project. Sabotage by Christians is a possibility, as is an accidental fire. Divine intervention was the common view among Christian historians of the time.

  2. Thank you for sharing your research on this topic. Very interesting!

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