What is the deal with Sunday laws?

This book deals with the topic of Sunday laws, why it’s related to end-time events as well as Biblical history. It takes us back to the religion of Babel which has continued as a competition to the God of the Bible to this very day.
It’s worth noting that this book was written by someone who has English as a secondary language, but the important topic and meaning should be perfectly understandable.

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List of chapters in the book:

1. Introduction p.52.
2. The Pagan Calendar origin p.143.
3. The Attack on God’s calendar p.374.
4. Pharaoh and the sabbath p.545.
5. God’s times in Reform Movements p.706.
6. God’s times in the first Christian era p.887.
7. Faith Alone: Is God’s law abolished? p.1018.
8. The Jerusalem Council and the Sabbath p.1179.
9. Christ Battle for the Sabbath p.14010.
10. The first Sunday laws p.14811.
11. The first Sabbath Law p.16012.
12. God’s law and The Theory of Evolution p.16813.
13. Modern man’s illusion of independence from God. p.19214.
14. The Ark, the Plagues, the Curse, and the Sunday law. p.20615.
15. To Separate A People: – ARMAGEDDON p.21816.
16. Why believing before seeing, and the Old and the New Covenant. p.26217
17. The Mark of The Beast, His Number, and Name p.28718.
18. Why God is a Righteous Judge p.313